515-698 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Thaddeus says:

      I have been receiving numerous calls from this number claiming I owe money for a fraudulent check and am being "officially" served over the phone in this matter.  This is completely fraudulent and they leave very hostile and threatening messages.  Glad I googled the number and found this is a scam.  They need to be stopped.

    2. Gilbert says:

      i have gotten 2 calls and it's only 11:39 a.m. i answered the 1st time and all i heard was good bye... im not answering any more.

    3. Alva says:


    4. Elmer says:

      Jerkwad called me unwanted.

    5. Connie says:

      everyday automated spam caller

    6. Lyle says:

      Shows up on Caller ID as "Chicago Call". Many times have called and at the most irritating hours. Offering to give me a 10% savings with my energy supplier. They have called me many times and every time I ask them not to do so.

    7. Clint says:

      Offering security home protection.

    8. Kris says:

      Mystery solved.  Began receiving the same calls, male voice saying the same thing.  Did some research.  Have an uncle involved very politically in DC, where this number is located.  The next one I received, I picked up.  It was a recorded telemarketing message.  I hit the pound key to make a long beep.  Said in a stern voice, "This call is being traced and reported.  Do not call this number again!"  We'll see if that works.  A marketer may have to log a certain number of calls or something.  Don't know.  But that's what it is.  No creepy phone taps or anything.  Mystery solved.  Dude messed with the wrong chick!  LOL!

    9. Carmen says:

      I call it back it is a "subscriber number', however I am not a subscriber... it is for healthcare

    10. Roscoe says:

      Lifeshield home security

    11. Jarrod says:

      Just like everyone else these Law Breakers call here Unsolicited all the time. Today was Different, I tooka Stand for My Privacy Rights. Since these A-Holes don't Respect My Privacy then I Declare War onThem All. It's Time For Us All To Take A Brave Stand. From now on when they call, They will be theVictim. They are out for the Cussing of their Life Just like I did this last guy. Since they are Breaking theLaw by calling us on the Do Not Call List then they are Mine for what ever comes out of my mouth andI'll assure you it isn't Nice. Take a Stand with me and lets Attack these Law Breakers for Violating ourPrivacy. I even bought a Whistle to Blow in their Ears. Works Great for those who don't want to Cuss.Take A Stand For Your Rights and Give Um Hell!Spammers Name and Number: PHONE SERVICE - 253-382-9098

    12. Alton says:

      woman insisted she was with Window support and microsoft and my computer has been reported with suspicious activity.  It smelled bad from the start.  They gave some bogus story about how they got my name from registration records. They were fishing to gain access to the computer remotely.  

    13. Johnathon says:

      Number 1-141-477-8600 calls at least once a day.  How can I get them to stop?

    14. Hiram says:

      want to know detail about this phone no. as the guy using this no. calls 4-5 times everyday.

    15. Johnathan says:

      G.E. alarm, hung up on me when I replied that I had not seen the little ADT etc signs in front of people's houses.