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    1. Sal says:

      4243 raleigh avenue alexandria va 22304 apt 202 ... tried to attack me. tall dark African with lazy eye

    2. Davis says:

      Called from National Enquirer magazine and said they were a supervisor. I said I had renewed my subscription already by mail and was not giving them a credit card or check by phone. They hung up.

    3. Lemuel says:

      Omg spam can't take it anymore

    4. Rosendo says:

      This is about the sixth call I received from this number, I have yet to answer. Never leaves voice mail. Why does the do not call list not work??

    5. Dewitt says:

      tried to get my phone to click on a spam link

    6. Hershel says:

      DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE. I am a IT security expert. They are trying to send you to a webpage that will hijack your computer using a Java Exploit. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE. If you accidentally listened to them and did what they told you, I highly recommend reformatting/wiping your hard-drive. I'm sorry if you fell for this scam, but this is the world we live in.

    7. Ron says:

      this company is called VIVINT security. They are bogus and will beggar you. don't answer anything from them.

    8. Cesar says:

      Damin calling-DO NOT ANSWER

    9. Trinidad says:

      i got scammed a cell phone from these people anyone have info on them please contact me at ka_dink3@hotmail.com

    10. Andrea says:

      number was dialed from my home phone

    11. Mason says:

      This seems to be Legit Number. I got a call after I applied for Chase CC on their website. She was clear she was from Fraud Prevention and wanted to verify my details for CC processing. I was careful not to give any personal information. For questions she asked me I made her give option of answer instead of me giving the complete answer. She was always able to give me correct answers in her options. So I knew it was a genuine verification call.Also post the call, in 5 mins I could see my new CC activated in my web-account with precise Cr. Limit she said on phone. No reason to say its *not genuine*.

    12. Denver says:

      Was on caller ID. Tried to call back but wouldn't go through.

    13. Cyrus says:

      Talking about FBI bull crap

    14. Albert says:

      Telemarketer.. health insurance

    15. Edmund says:

      Received a call from this number the call was lost so I tried to dial back... a recording came on announcing, 'this number is not in service'... SPAM!!!