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    1. Davis says:

      Called from National Enquirer magazine and said they were a supervisor. I said I had renewed my subscription already by mail and was not giving them a credit card or check by phone. They hung up.

    2. Lemuel says:

      Omg spam can't take it anymore

    3. Dewitt says:

      tried to get my phone to click on a spam link

    4. Hershel says:

      DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE. I am a IT security expert. They are trying to send you to a webpage that will hijack your computer using a Java Exploit. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE. If you accidentally listened to them and did what they told you, I highly recommend reformatting/wiping your hard-drive. I'm sorry if you fell for this scam, but this is the world we live in.

    5. Ron says:

      this company is called VIVINT security. They are bogus and will beggar you. don't answer anything from them.

    6. Cesar says:

      Damin calling-DO NOT ANSWER

    7. Trinidad says:

      i got scammed a cell phone from these people anyone have info on them please contact me at ka_dink3@hotmail.com

    8. Edmund says:

      Received a call from this number the call was lost so I tried to dial back... a recording came on announcing, 'this number is not in service'... SPAM!!!

    9. Gonzalo says:

      Got a call today at 12:59PM central time.. I said hello and response back was umm hi. I hung up on him cause he didn't respond back after the umm hi. Was gonna pitch to him the credit card lowering rate thingy since I've been getting those annoying calls daily! Time to dish it back, love messing with them!

    10. Willis says:

      Has called once, not left a message.

    11. Ezekiel says:

      Brothel 107 E Fort St Fort Laramie, WY

    12. Jeffrey says:

      Please have these people who do not leave a message to stop calling my phone day and night. I have no idea who they are and why they are calling.  why not leave a message and identify yourself.

    13. Basil says:

      they said I made a quote for health insurance, in which I did not make an online quote.

    14. Lenny says:

      I have received 2 calls, 2 consecutive days. I didn't answer and they did not leave a message.

    15. Arnulfo says:

      They continue 2 call me a lot