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    1. Carlos says:

      MRS COLLECTIONS also calls from 213-261-0105,213-261-0104,800-932-5573

    2. Tanner says:

      4 to 5 calls a day don;t say nothing

    3. Brady says:

      This caller seems to enjoy involving himself with other people in a most negative manner. Wants everyone to bow to his wants. He becomes agitated when one does not appreciate his orders of the minute. Self appointed royalty indeed.

    4. Jose says:

      they said that if i knew them? but they wont tell me

    5. Perry says:

      Called 5 times and won't respond to my texts asking him who he is

    6. Garret says:

      Received initial call from 205-263-1071 and a woman refused to identify reason for call and hung up.  Received 2nd call from 205-263-1065 and I didn't answer "hello" I answered "Please identify who is calling"  no response, so I repeated it again and I then stated "Please refrain from calling this number again".  That was at 1:15pm 11/23/07.  I received another call 11/23/07 @ 1:32pm and stated again "Please identify who is calling"?  A woman answered back saying "excuse me"?  I stated the same request again and was told it was "Nexcheck? Next Check calling for someone I didn't know and advised of that.  This is of course some type of Collection Agency.

    7. Randolph says:

      Trying to get me to apply for a auto loan

    8. Blaine says:

      Call my phone 3 to 4 times a day

    9. Clinton says:

      I  recieved a message from a wierd talking guy said me and my sister erica had committed a fraud and his name was david jackson but didnt know good english so i knew the name was fake thought it was a bill collector so i checked on line with the number he left on my message and next thing i knew alot of people got the same kind of call so so if they call back im telling them to f off  cause its a scam and i reported them to FTC

    10. Sam says:

      Definitely a scam but did offer a "no call" option when I called back...

    11. James says:

      Number is close to known spammer, does not leave message

    12. Sung says:

      i just got a call from them and they wouldnt let  me talk to a supervisor or take me off the list....and he argued with me....i hate this...

    13. Evan says:

      No texts from this phone number

    14. Asa says:

      Received 6 messages from this number within 3 hours. From st@s.tr-ust.com/S-Trus.t/ST-B.NK.Hello.Call-now. Please Investigate Now.

    15. Laverne says:

      Same, asked for a household member. When they were now home the caller hung up.