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  • 512-932-4155
  • 512-932-4156
  • 512-932-4157
  • 512-932-4158
  • 512-932-4159
  • 512-932-4160
  • 512-932-4161
  • 512-932-4162
  • 512-932-4163
  • 512-932-4164
  • 512-932-4165
  • 512-932-4166
  • 512-932-4167
  • 512-932-4168
  • 512-932-4169
  • 512-932-4170
  • 512-932-4171
  • 512-932-4172
  • 512-932-4173
  • 512-932-4174
  • 512-932-4175
  • 512-932-4176
  • 512-932-4177
  • 512-932-4178
  • 512-932-4179
  • 512-932-4180
  • 512-932-4181
  • 512-932-4182
  • 512-932-4183
  • 512-932-4184

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    1. Jeromy says:

      Text message dffering free iphone4s and free shipping.

    2. Douglass says:

      This the text message I received: "Look in his eyes. He is weak and soft. You can do better."

    3. Fredric says:

      they called and said they wanted to make me millions on the internet like all the other get rich schemes

    4. Vaughn says:

      Text message telling me - Your entry last month has Won!! Goto http//bestbuy-winner.com and enter you Winning Code: 5555 to claim you Free $1000 BestBuy Gift Card

    5. Sal says:

      Did any of you apply to meijers??? I think it might b them????

    6. Gonzalo says:

      Stating their going to sue me and im going to get arrested.

    7. Jules says:

      What To Do When You Get an Illegal Robocall?

    8. Clay says:

      This number called 3x on a Saturday evening, within the span of 30min. No message was left.

    9. Abel says:

      Me Too. I tried to call it back, but it just rings..

    10. Cletus says:

      They call me non stop but thanks now i can block them

    11. Jose says:

      Stupid idiots with robo call. "Heather" telling me this is my final opportunity to lower my interest rate. I press 1 to get a person, then blow a whistle as loudly as possible until they hang up. Pressing 2 to be removed from their call list does nothing. Being on the do not call registry does no good. They are scam artists and don't know anything about any of your credit cards, so do NOT provide them with answers to any of their questions. Get a whistle and give them a piece of your mind without verbalizing anything.

    12. Kris says:

      I got a callfrom these people and they told me they had a scholarship foe me to go to college. I don't want to go to college i'be already been to college & have graduated. I said take my number out of your dialer & they called 5 more times so I downloaded this app & i think it's a scam.

    13. Garret says:

      We have received a call from this number every night for the past 6 nights about 9:30 p.m.   They do not leave a message.  Caller ID says Texas.

    14. Demarcus says:

      I am getting calls from this and other numbers on a daily basis offering to lower my Credit Card interest rate. When I talk to an agent and ask which company they are calling from they will either hang up or lie ("we are calling from Visa/Mastercard").I engaged one of their agent and got a call back from this company the next day:National Debt Institutehttp://nationaldebtinstitute.com/866-331-2145Ask for Nicolas DeQuattro and demand to be taken off their calling list. If enough people call, maybe this will stop.

    15. Rusty says:

      This person is calling at nite and doing phone sex and driving me crazy