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    1. Dalton says:

      calls 2 times in a row and no message

    2. Abram says:

      Hey u have juswon 100$ gift card

    3. Jared says:

      Made personal threats against a minor child and was drunk and abusive.

    4. Donnell says:

      OMG!!! I received the same calls from the same person!  What's most harassing is that he calls my job and asks for my manager, etc.  It went all the way up to my Director of Human Resources and he is harassing and even threatening my colleagues!  What he says I owe, is not even my info, etc.  I work for a large and prestigious law firm and they are resulting in taking action if this keeps up.  I will let you know what you can do to prevent it, if they do so!

    5. Damon says:

      Has called 3 times in 1 hour no one replies when you answer just a partial recording saying goodbye

    6. Chad says:

      Have gotten several calls from this number but no one says anything when we answer the phone

    7. Carrol says:

      got a call from this number saying it was urgent but would not tell me what it was regarding.  called back to see what office answered and they said "Corporate Offices" and then refused to tell me what company would have called me.

    8. Bert says:

      Frequent caller, always hangs up. U. S. Disadvantaged Industries, Inc Caller ID also appears as USDI. They are a scam, stay away.

    9. Eldridge says:

      Its a junk call - when you call back you get a fax tone. We are on a junk call list. Someone we gave our number to sold it.

    10. Austin says:

      Got a call about my computer errors, was a person who is not to proficient in english language. Told him to buzz off, I refuse to deal with east asians, there a bunch of scam artists

    11. Robby says:

      first thing that comes out his mouth is where do i come to and we never spoke before. i ask general questions like name etc his second question which hotel literally. don't feel safe be careful

    12. Huey says:

      i got twice,today andyesterday

    13. Elmer says:

      Caller says:  Officer Vito, my direct line is 866-244-2312.  I'd like to meet officer vito because everytime i call back, all i get is an answering machine with kids and people shouting and screaming in the background.  Calls at least 3 to 4 times a day, from that same number with different people calling.  Isn't impersonating a police officer a crime?  Left message calling himself Officer Vito twice on my voicemail.  We will be turning this over to our attorney.

    14. Alphonso says:

      Debt collector that got mad bc itoldthem they had the wrong number and argued with me... they were looking for a male I'm defianatly female and definatly sound like one!

    15. Marshall says:

      apple is looking for people to test and keep the new ipad 3!but only the 1 st 1000 users that go to http:/ipad3now.co and enter code beta will recieve it...Thank god i found it too good to be true and funny how my cell number in canada was found by a us person lol!