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    1. Johnson says:

      That's this Is a spam message

    2. Denis says:

      Do not call me again please

    3. Billie says:

      They call me every day. Every day. In the morning.

    4. Jamel says:

      they kepp calling and scaring/stalking   my friend

    5. Antonio says:

      This number has called me almost 20 times since 11am today it in now 348. if you answer they say nothing just hang up. if you dont answer they continue to call anyways and never leave a message

    6. Ira says:

      Used to send Google verification codes

    7. Devin says:

      Caller hung up when I tried answering call

    8. Clinton says:

      3 calls and 45 text mesages talking about my family

    9. Titus says:

      i got a call they called my text free unlimited number so it did not go through i tried calling it back from a different number i just got voicemail and it was full

    10. Martin says:

      This number just call too.....Is wired!What is the area code?

    11. Julian says:

      The company calling from this number is

    12. Cordell says:

      what is there I was not able to log in

    13. Kirk says:

      Anyone knows who calls from this phone number.

    14. Keenan says:

      Wow. This is crazy. The same rude "indian origin" (PC?) people have called me & my wife everyday several times. Glad I googled it and saw what you nice people had to say. Unfortunately for them, I am a 17-year vetran of our State's Criminal Law Enforcement Division & I have just contacted our local United States Prosecutor General's office and told a friend of mine there what is going on. Very tough to get much done across state lines, but he will look into it for me. DO NOT give them any personal information or even the time of day. The operators are extremely rude & aggressive. Our credit is perfect & I would have know if court proceedings were being brought against me long before a creditor would. I have called the 209-498-0913 number twice & told the operator that I had all of their personal information & was in the process of filing Felony Criminal charges of Harasssment by Telephone, & that I was put if fear of my families safety (not in fear, but that is the core element to getting results from Law Enforcement. I just put a call in to one of my friends at  our local FBI field office. Since these actions are crossing state lines, this is now a Federal Offense. Can't seem to get a single operator to talk to me now! LOL. Good Luck folks! REMEMBER-DO NOT CURSE AT THEM-this will only weaken you case & make you seem desperate.

    15. Malcolm says:

      was told I was given a 10k grant. said I was picked demographically. didn't call them back. suspect it is a scam. Said they were from the IRS.