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    1. Monty says:

      Hi I live in Alabama and I also received a call from 310-219-6110. I knew it was a scam when I called the number back and the female said "hello" (buisness my butt). She called later and asked to speak to my boyfriend. When I told her not to call anymore she got upset and said she would call him later. I told her that I would fly to Hawthrone CA and kick her a** if she tried to contact us again.

    2. August says:

      Dont want this # calling me.

    3. Buster says:

      May 5 2030 ADT. No response. Appears noone on line. Dead air.

    4. Myron says:

      Should of searched his number before I told him my location. He was a no show.

    5. Vaughn says:

      Didn't answer. Left empty voicemail.

    6. Judson says:

      Sorry but I can't talk to you anymore...

    7. Darrick says:

      This is the first report of this phone number per this morning:call came in around 6:28 am. caller I.D showed it as wireless caller, no name, was a hang up call, no message left.

    8. Roderick says:

      I got the same msg from a Jen, 941 area code, and I am in Puerto Rico!

    9. Luther says:

      I also recieved a call from Officer Marcus Black looking for my mother in regards to a legal complaint that was registered against her name.  He stated that if she did not contact him immediately that they were going to assume that she is running from the law and that she would face legal consequences or even be arrested.  Prior to me recieving the call to my cell phone, my mother had recieved a call from Officer Black.  Luckily my mom called me first and I was able to convince her not to send any money, but she was freaking out and almost hysterical about being arrested.  I hope they catch these people, it is not right what they are doing.

    10. Lawrence says:

      I've gotten a few missed calls over sometime from this number. Did some research it's a prostitute name Raycine saying I called her!

    11. Britt says:

      It's just calling to make sure you get our & vote and to let you know where your local polling station is. I just answered it

    12. Hollis says:

      50 day his real name alfered grinton with crimmal record

    13. Ricky says:

      call on my cell, did recognize number, don't answer, sounds like a wise move........

    14. Gail says:

      got this message at 9:53am PST. unknown person.

    15. Colin says:

      Also got call. Probably a joke, the repetition of the 206.