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    1. Ernesto says:

      Received a call from (201) 590-2468. My caller ID said "Out of Area" even though this area code and exchange is definitely in my area, so I didn't answer. Somneone left a message simply saying my last name, then silence. I took this as a come-on to call them back; of course I did not. This website lists the calling location as from Union City, NJ (Hudson County) but the map above shows the calling location as from Union, NJ (Union County) two different NJ cities. My wife told me she has seen that this same number has called here before.

    2. Chas says:

      Scam collection company for magazines they can't name or the company that hired them. They only know maybe a pass address & dob.

    3. Lon says:

      It is APX Alarm calling about an alert with your system.  Sometimes it's because your phone provider dropped out and they were unable to communicate with you via your system.  Sometimes it's because your alarm is going off at your home.

    4. Kirby says:

      These butt-wipes called our company YET AGAIN. And, once again, there was no one on the other end. I called the # from my private phone, got a weird musical tone and a message saying someone would be with me shortly, then a woman with an indeterminate accent answered saying, "Thank you for calling me back." I told her I wanted to know why our company keeps getting repeated phone calls from them and there's never anyone on the other end. She apologized - and then hung up! I never even had a chance to ask what 'company' she was calling from. What a bunch of used butt-wipes!

    5. Gayle says:

      called at 2:55AM. Did not leave a message.  I called back. could not get an answer. Was directed to voice mail. I am thinking this is a prank and I will give the number to the sheriff.

    6. Lauren says:

      asked me if i call long distance to the philippines. Then she talked in weird language to me.

    7. Ivan says:

      I do not want to talk to this person at all.

    8. Jaime says:

      They call me 3 times a day . I call and i doesn't ring

    9. Armando says:

      keep sending me messages.

    10. Alden says:

      I know this number, it is a well known bank but, they called me on a sunday and from 11 am until 4 pm they called me "150" times?? What the?? 150 times?? I mean come on, seriously? That's harassment and ridiculous!!!

    11. Fletcher says:

      They told me the same thing

    12. Mathew says:

      I also sent a $15.00 check. What did they charge $150.00 for and how did they do it?

    13. Adrian says:

      Don't know they spoke Spanish so I Hung up.

    14. Osvaldo says:

      Is very crazy..does not get the hint..DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY FORM OF CONVERSATION!!

    15. Gail says:

      This is a SCAM SCAM SCAM! He threatned me saying he was going to file paperwork against me for money laundering and I would been sent to jail for 11 months. So when this guys is caught, I WANT HIM CHARGED WITH CRIMINAL THREATS!