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    1. Juan says:

      They say they're a loan company,but they want you to put $200 on a green dot card. And the operator became very hostile when I asked her to speak with my bank advisor. It's all a scam I believe, because they don't want to take they alleged processing fee from your account. Only from green dot, no paper trail.

    2. Domenic says:

      I Got the same thing, college connection

    3. Brent says:

      I got a spam text from this # trying to promote pof (on line dating site)!Not cool

    4. Lynn says:

      this is a number that has been callin my phone over and over and over again today on August 19th is call my phone 6 times in one day that's a little extreme is supposed to be some kind of company for all alarm systems home alarm systems the stupid recording comes on the US government has indicated that there is a break in every 30 seconds in the household and a house you go to press I think to it says to opt-out not to receive phone calls anymore or number one that the reason for all the more you do it and you still get phone calls I've called the FCC about this number I've called SEC about the other number to call me from all the time they get like 5 different phone numbers that I buy block from the same company that keeps calling me

    5. Andrea says:

      None of these people knows what "stop calling means". Blocked them with mr. Number with pickup then hang up. Now everytime they Call its several times in a row as my phone picks up and hangsup on them. This App helps alot but its annoying.

    6. Garrett says:

      Your entry in our drawing WON you a FREE $1000 Target Giftcard enter 280 at www.target.com.ppdf.biz/?claim=280 to claim it and we can ship it to you immediately SSSSSCCCCCCAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

    7. Waldo says:

      Weird breathing, calls all hours

    8. Arturo says:

      Scammer, suposibly wishing to purchase a motorbike, with real intension to take your money.

    9. Chong says:

      They will not quit calling at early hours of the day..

    10. Johnathan says:

      when you call this number back it states the number you have dialed is no longer in service ...strange because it calls my house every day

    11. Alphonso says:

      I guarantee you the stack of "business cards" that he claimed to have were actually resumes. Robert scours through resumes from CareerBuilder as an "employer" (he paid to get the access) and gets your contact info that way. His business is heavily dependent on recruiting and getting his recruits to recruit.

    12. Romeo says:

      i am from Chicago, someone called me twice and i didn't pick up because the number looked unfamiliar.  i called from the Borders phone and it was disconnected.  WATCH OUT.. BE CAREFUL

    13. Courtney says:

      They keep calling me repeadetly

    14. Bob says:

      this person ,will tell u that u have won rewards of some 10,000 worth of things and a holiday package  something like that for me it  was from  india today, then he will say u have to get the subscription of some Rs ,and ask u ur payment mode then , if u say by cash , then he will call later after 2 days and will add more gifts to the package telling u that only if u to pay by credit card and try to get ur credit card number .

    15. Randal says:

      called my cell no (on do not call list).  did not answer