509-554 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Abram says:

      I have received many innapropriate text messages from this number.  Any infomation of this number would be welcomed.

    2. Michal says:

      Missed call on mobile (UK)

    3. Matt says:

      Someone trying to steal credit card info!!

    4. Gail says:

      I received a text from this number with an X rated photo of a man's anatomy. Disgusting.

    5. Antione says:

      i just got a call from this number and they said hello and hung up

    6. Asa says:

      Won't stop calling, I don't even owe them. Just got this phone last week. But now I've got to get a lawyer for these creeps to stop.

    7. Scot says:

      Idk you. So I don't answer you!

    8. Glenn says:

      2532183451.Try to sell a vaccuum

    9. Osvaldo says:

      It is a Credit Card company wanted to reduce your interest rate on all your cards to 6.5%.  I push #1 and ask them not to hang up and to please take my name off their list because I don't have any cards with a balance and before I finish saying cards with a balance they hang up  The other numbers doing the same thing are:  715-254-0350, 801-823-2030, 723-674-9999, 503-457-1836, 503-902-8112 and 701-661-1003.  I have SUCCESSFULLY reported B of A for doing the same thing.  They have now stopped.  Now to contact the FTC about these and get them stopped.  It's easy to do, just fill out the form and answer the questions, within 2 days B of A ceased.  And I was never late with B of A on my Mortgage either.  Too important not to be late.  Never have been, never will be even though they encouraged me to be to help me refinance, I said bu***hit...why should I ruin my credit rating.

    10. Salvador says:

      Sir, it is someone using a spoof card.  I got a call from this number and the voice was disorted stating they were on the corner from my house and to stop talking s*** to the Police about them.  I haven't been talking to the Police.  Only one person I can think of that is doing this and it is a crackhead by the name of Chalene.  She is angry because I found out she gave me some misinformation to give to the Police and the woman she lied on knows it now and she is angry.  She may not be doing this to you but call back that same number and it asks you for a pin number.  Spoof Card.

    11. Emmitt says:

      2 miss calls back to back no message

    12. Erwin says:

      Company trying to sell my company health insurance. I am on the don't call list.

    13. Josue says:

      they sent 4 texts and called twice. I answered and hung up quickly with both calls so that they couldn't access my personal voice mail message. The text "conversation" went like this (all spelling and grammar are accurate to the letter):They said, "heey! who is this?!"I said, "i was going to ask you the same question..."they said, "But you was the one who called me..."me- "When? i have no record of that" which is completely true, I triple checked my call records to almost a week back to be sure. 2 calls from them, ignored.them- "I do!! Will whoever use your phone..They or You called my phone a 1:38pm..But that's o.k let's end it here.. O.k?!" (I was asleep at that time I worked until 5am last night/this morning, and my phone was next to me on my pillow all night while I slept)me- "Sounds good peace"them- "Deuces!!" sent around 10 times

    14. Miquel says:

      All they said was I'm sorry

    15. Dudley says:

      Got a phone call from this number but no name