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    1. Byron says:

      they call and just do not speak

    2. Scot says:

      I received a call from this number all the time ,and all the time from Juliana say to me baby I mess you and she is not my girlfriend I think she tray to play with my feeling and I want to know who in real is her and where she live in real.

    3. Herb says:

      Did a little more research, and found that this number is linked to the Verizon calling network.  So, it's a telemarketer from Verizon.  They should just identify themselves as such.

    4. Chas says:

      I'm a honest i want to eat you and sex you til you can cum nomore boodis my job phonedont text me back hereyou home

    5. Aaron says:

      I spend a lot of cash identifying this phone number and luckily I discovered reverse phone lookup here

    6. Sherwood says:

      Brandon Nowlin. He is harrassing me due to a recent breakup. I asked him to stop but he continues. He is a fatal attraction.

    7. Waylon says:

      This number called me to burder me and he spoke a very bad english, I think this number is an scam person, triying to rob money to others, carefully!!!

    8. Benny says:

      Caller is from ICF which is a company contracted by the state of Washington Department of Health. Obviously they have been hired to gather information but for what purpose I do not know. Since they work for the state they apparently are excluded from the Do Not Call Registry but I'm not sure if that is really true.

    9. Garret says:

      Have received several calls from this number. I let the answering machine take the calls and each time they have hung-up without leaving a message. I dialed the number (from caller ID) and received the message that "the number you have reached is not in service." The display on caller ID appears as: KENT WA, 253-346-8500. The DO NOT CALL LIST is a real waste of time!!!

    10. Reed says:

      How can I identify my spam caller?

    11. Jewell says:

      they call several times a day and no one is on the other end. if you call back its a spam and it gives a NON WORKING option to be removed from call list...I still get calls!

    12. Dong says:

      No company name, no voicemail message

    13. Pedro says:

      Called one time, left a silent message.

    14. Franklyn says:

      BofA ( Bank of America ) fraud department, not snap.

    15. Marco says:

      I got a call at 3:46 PM today from this number on my cell. They left no message, when I called back they said " Thank you for returning our call, we were calling you about you eligiblity to get lower auto insurance rates!" Really? I called them back on another number and I am an auto insurance agent!