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    1. Maximo says:

      Called but never answered, just hung up.

    2. Edison says:

      I receive a call on my cell every few days and some times more than once in a day. I received a call this a.m. shortly after midnight.  No message ever.  I don't appreciate being awaken in the middle of the night.

    3. Paul says:

      got a call from this number, did not answer. when i called back it said the number was disconnected

    4. Johnie says:

      Is this Low Rate Moving Company - St Louis offering local movers in St Louis, MO?

    5. Randal says:

      no call no show truck driver pervet

    6. Lonnie says:

      auto insurance ad from Texas.

    7. Jermaine says:

      okay my girlfriend and i have been getting calls and text from this number claiming they are New York cop by the name of Kelvin Daniels who went the school with my girl and is calling several times trying to get information. Whats funny on caller ID a Robert Gilgore come up and when you call back it say the mailbox is not set up.

    8. Clark says:

      I get calls from these people all the time. Just got one this morning. Once they called at 5:00am on a Saturday and woke me up! I want them stopped, please!

    9. Lou says:

      This guy is gay..and not-the Chik-fil-a type..I keep receiving texts...the latest text was the following: "Good time last night. What is Jeff's last name?" Gay Spam..I always delete the thread without responding.

    10. Michale says:

      I didn't answer the phone because I didn't recognize the number, and they didn't leave a message.

    11. Seymour says:

      he send a texte message saying: hi i saw u looking good, u can see my pics in my profile canadien79 at uslck.com maybe we ca meet up.

    12. Wayne says:

      This place called me five in the past three days. My number is on the Do Not Call Registry. It is an automated message asking if you want relief from credit card debt. Funny thing is I have zero credit card debt. What really makes me furious is to be bothered at home by JUNK calls soliciting me. Since this illegal what can be done to put pressure on this company to stop calling?

    13. Otis says:

      some lady named sheram called me n she knew my name which is very weird i did not know who this telephone number was all in know is that it is from alabama...very weird

    14. Rolf says:

      got a call from this number twice now and they leave no message as I quit answering my phone and only reply to callers that leave me a message!  although I lose minutes.

    15. Levi says:

      A recorded message in spanish. No idea why they're calling me...