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    1. Rey says:

      I get a phone call from this number almost everyday sometimes twice in the same day. I called my local phone company (ROGERS) and told the lady with whom I was speaking with to call the number at her expense because I will not call that number to figure out WHO it IS or WHY they are calling. So she calls and guess what, IT'S ROGERS calling about promotions. I HOPE THIS HELPS!

    2. Hosea says:

      The same stuff happened to me.  They said that I had signed up for this medical and dental plan.  When I told them that I had not they got very rude and asked why I wasted there time.  I think this is a phishing scam so don't verify your info.  They told me that they had my checking account number but when I asked to speak with her manager she got more irrate.  This is a SCAM.

    3. Jim says:

      Tie up there time.  Say your very interested but need to find your Credit Card.  Say u got another call but please wait.  Spend as much ot their time as you can--its the worst thing u can do to them.  Then start talking nonsense.  I ask them " Is this the person to whom I am speaking?"  Are they married---Kids?  I start F'ing with their heads--then remind them yur VERY interested in buying a LOT of stuff---then get totally wacky---all with an Indian accent -- they will hang up on you and make a note not to call you back....at least it works for me.

    4. Fabian says:

      some cruise spam and phishing

    5. Timmy says:

      saying the are loan advisor trying to get bank information

    6. Burt says:

      Recording asking for information

    7. Omer says:

      Didn't answer, left no msg

    8. Eduardo says:

      bs don't go working girl

    9. Clifford says:

      This is a scam, do not anwser and request to have number blocked!

    10. Noah says:

      They illegally telemarketed my cell phone.  They are never allowed to call cell phones... ever.  (because it costs us money). I pressed one to talk to them.  I told them it was illegal to call cell phones, she said "our entire business is based on that" to which i responded really?  that's a huge breach of the law, and she hung up immediately.

    11. Brooks says:

      Called in the middle of the night twice. Unknown as to who the caller is. What happened to the etiquttes of calling a person after a certain time of night???

    12. Damien says:

      "As a reward for participating in an Internet Survey, you have been chosen to receive one of three prizes. Press 1 now to redeem your prize. Or press 3 to be removed"

    13. Christoper says:

      I do not answer this phone numbr.

    14. Brice says:

      I just got a call from this number and gave them my credit card number.  They said they it was for advertising on Bing and Yahoo.

    15. Alvaro says:

      There is a husband and wife team who post ads online selling diamond rings. They claim they owned a wholesale diamond company, and due to the economy, they must sell everything for cash. They've been targeting Craiglist and other similar online selling sites. If they feel someone may be on to them, they'll say to meet at a jeweler, but never show up.