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    1. Rey says:

      I get a phone call from this number almost everyday sometimes twice in the same day. I called my local phone company (ROGERS) and told the lady with whom I was speaking with to call the number at her expense because I will not call that number to figure out WHO it IS or WHY they are calling. So she calls and guess what, IT'S ROGERS calling about promotions. I HOPE THIS HELPS!

    2. Hosea says:

      The same stuff happened to me.  They said that I had signed up for this medical and dental plan.  When I told them that I had not they got very rude and asked why I wasted there time.  I think this is a phishing scam so don't verify your info.  They told me that they had my checking account number but when I asked to speak with her manager she got more irrate.  This is a SCAM.

    3. Jim says:

      Tie up there time.  Say your very interested but need to find your Credit Card.  Say u got another call but please wait.  Spend as much ot their time as you can--its the worst thing u can do to them.  Then start talking nonsense.  I ask them " Is this the person to whom I am speaking?"  Are they married---Kids?  I start F'ing with their heads--then remind them yur VERY interested in buying a LOT of stuff---then get totally wacky---all with an Indian accent -- they will hang up on you and make a note not to call you back....at least it works for me.

    4. Fabian says:

      some cruise spam and phishing

    5. Timmy says:

      saying the are loan advisor trying to get bank information

    6. Burt says:

      Recording asking for information

    7. Omer says:

      Didn't answer, left no msg

    8. Eduardo says:

      bs don't go working girl

    9. Noah says:

      They illegally telemarketed my cell phone.  They are never allowed to call cell phones... ever.  (because it costs us money). I pressed one to talk to them.  I told them it was illegal to call cell phones, she said "our entire business is based on that" to which i responded really?  that's a huge breach of the law, and she hung up immediately.

    10. Brooks says:

      Called in the middle of the night twice. Unknown as to who the caller is. What happened to the etiquttes of calling a person after a certain time of night???

    11. Damien says:

      "As a reward for participating in an Internet Survey, you have been chosen to receive one of three prizes. Press 1 now to redeem your prize. Or press 3 to be removed"

    12. Mariano says:

      Called at 3 am. Must be spam

    13. Chris says:

      keeps calling all day everyday n when u answer no one speaks

    14. Emilio says:

      this is nuber is constantly sending me text messages in both english and spanish. i have texted back to remove me from their list many times. i do not know how they obtained my cell number. i really wish to report them - how do i do that!

    15. Dana says:

      Nothing. It rang then the it hung up.