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    1. Judson says:

      Received a call but no message

    2. Alonso says:

      Just got a call from this number and a Liza/Lisa(?) identified herself as a rep from EZ/EC (?) Services and asked for me by name! I inquried as to what she wanted and she replied that they were looking for a female that I had never heard of and the more I questioned her the more sarcastic and rude she became. I was then told that my name would be removed from there contact list (?) and she hung up on me.

    3. Hyman says:

      bASVw7 <a href="http://egnncmiddykd.com/">egnncmiddykd</a>

    4. Stanton says:

      I received a call from 201-149-8447. They claim they can bring down my PSE&G bill.  So I purposely hit the number they indicated so that I could speak when agent.  I told him that I wanted that saving. Then they started asking me questions. When I asked them to tell me my info from my PSE&G bill, they said that they were outsourced from PSE&G to be able to get some sort of savings. So then I told them that I did not want them to keep me on their list because I wasn't interested. They tried to call again. So now I'm going to find out how I can report that number. I will never give my information out, but if you do get one of those phone calls, always try to trick them, never give out your information, & try to get your information from them since they are the one who called you.  See how much info you can get out of them.

    5. Lauren says:

      calls,but never says anything. ID says it is VITELITY, LLC. Whoever or whatever that means.

    6. Irwin says:

      This is a bogus number.  There is no 126 exchange in area code 828.  I checked.  I got the call at 4:50 on 6/22.  Dailed the # and got the "this call cannot be completed as dialed" message.  Whoever it is, they are using some technology to mask their real number and get around call block and caller ID.

    7. Rafael says:

      text saying father had passed away. I am not sure who it is.

    8. Rodney says:

      don't answer call all time

    9. Leif says:

      Rex's a call on home line very early in the morning. Said caller unknown and left no message. Very annoying.

    10. Kyle says:

      I went to MIS speedway this year and entered a drawing. I think this is how these morons got my #. They called me too about this trip to Florida.  I got Steve Dolan on the phone and talked to him for awhile. I gave my name and address, but that was the only thing I gave.  At the end of the conversation he asked for my credit card expiration date and I of course said "Hell no".  He then said, "We have never had any question like this before on that fact that we are Nascar the world's greatest spectators sport".  He then gave a number for reference and it is to some other company who look like frauds too.  He then went onto say he was directly from Nascar and was completely unprofessional.  He then said well can I get that expiration date from you and I said no.  He then said "pleasant to talk to you then" and hung up.  I am reporting this # to someone to take care of these A** holes!!!

    11. Moshe says:

      They keep tryin to sell stuff

    12. Graham says:

      want leave me alone keeps harrassing me

    13. Jamison says:

      Spam. Call to my work cell phone cut off after 2 seconds.

    14. Clay says:

      I did not know this number so I didn't answer it.  I found this site by researching the AC.  I will research and make sure that I can't be charged just for answering the phone and will post more info later.

    15. Isiah says:

      I had this same phone call a few minutes ago... I couldn't understand a word he said and told him... the next time you want to try and scam someone maybe you should learn the language first!... he hung up on me...