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    1. Doyle says:

      Getting calls also. I blocked 9225 and all they do is switch to 210-331-9237. Who are these people? A legit business would leave a message.

    2. Hubert says:

      has any of you in the last couple of months had money takin out of your bank acounts

    3. Rodney says:

      selling something. recording.

    4. Keenan says:

      Answered and they said nothing! Rude!

    5. Luther says:

      Had first call from this number when not home and no message left, but could read number on caller ID. Got second call several days later from this number with one digit missing, I answered this call and speaker had a very foreign sounding voice, spoke very broken english with much hesitation like he didn't understand what he was talking about.  He informed me that my computer was being infected by a virus that could not be detected by any other method.  Caller sounded very unsure, like reading his spiel with much hesitation.  I told him my computer was fine and hung up.

    6. Geraldo says:

      Do not contact! Sick scammer!

    7. Jarrod says:

      has called 16 times, (WHEN I AM WORKING) since January 1st. Please STOP!! I dont need the rhetoric!

    8. Garfield says:

      It s annoying me Every day.

    9. Trent says:

      Rec'd a call 02/08/2009 @ 1:51pm PST from CASON.  Let it go to answer machine.  Could hear background noise and voices like from a call center, then call disconnected.  Figured must be some sort of sales group.

    10. Terrance says:

      Did not answer but not a number I know

    11. Stanford says:

      I agree with you. This guy has been calling me off and on for the last couple of months. He keeps changing #s and names. This time he is Kevin Jones. I just dont talk to him anymore. I let him leave a message.

    12. Edwardo says:

      Got the same message left on my voicemail today from the same person!

    13. Timothy says:

      They called me today,  They called is the 5 time but from a different number.   You can tell them the following and they will stop from one number and call from different number in about two month.

    14. Truman says:

      i concur with mark-e-mark. i phoned them and it was a debt collector employed by stgeorge bank. luckily i had already paid, whew!!

    15. Jackie says:

      They called about an automotive extended warranty.