505-364 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Carlton says:

      This is very annoying.  As one poster above notes the Do Not Call List seems to have escaped this company.  When I pressed "1" to speak to a representative and told them I wanted them to quit calling, they simply hung up on me.  What can be done about this nonsense???

    2. Edmundo says:

      numerous call  on a daily basis.

    3. Luigi says:

      They said i was getting free 100 gift card.They keep calling.They are really pissing me off.

    4. Roderick says:

      Automated call - credit relief "in these tough times". Calls repeatedly from multiple numbers, most frequently in the 312 and 302 area codes.

    5. Travis says:

      said it was department of treasury inquiring about 8000.. when I said excuse me they hung up

    6. Cletus says:

      Said they were calling about higher education when I finally answered because they called a dozen times a times a day. When I attempted to ask that they remove my information she Hung up on me.

    7. Dario says:

      Looking for registered voters.

    8. Carroll says:

      They have called me multiple times in the past two days. They claim to be with futurecareers.com. It is a scam.

    9. Vance says:

      Text message sent to my cell for a pay day cash loan. Never heard of this place. Don't do business with them either.

    10. Heath says:

      this bish get on my neavrs

    11. Deshawn says:

      It is a know pedifile he asked me to go to a certain address. His name is Mr.barone

    12. Dexter says:

      Calls asking for outdoor living.

    13. Sebastian says:

      This is harassment almost every night about 11 pm the phone rings a guy says hello 2 times in crazy static and hangs up... I have received 6 of these calls

    14. Thad says:

      I got the same calls, but I didn't fill out any surveys or ask for information.  Not only did I get called from this number, I got almost 20 calls from several different numbers.  I stopped answering my phone after about the 10th call in 2 hours, and one of the numbers kept calling every 5 minutes until I finally picked up and said some not very polite things to the wench.  Once I got rid of that number, it took about an hour for the calls to start again, this time from still another number.  I got two calls the next day, again from different numbers, but all with the exact same crap about being some sort of health insurance company.  They always ask for someone who I've never heard of when they call.   Now here's the hook, I've been an insurance agent for the past 25 years, so I recognized very quickly the scam they are pulling (it is technically "insurance," but the benefits are so horrible that you might as well not have the policy -- if you had a $100,000 bill for a heart attack and subsequent open heart surgery, you would be lucky their "insurance" paid $15,000 of it).

    15. Hai says:

      only one time i got a call from this number, but i was not see that call so that was missed call, then i was tried they took 45rs, what to do?