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    1. Carlton says:

      This is very annoying.  As one poster above notes the Do Not Call List seems to have escaped this company.  When I pressed "1" to speak to a representative and told them I wanted them to quit calling, they simply hung up on me.  What can be done about this nonsense???

    2. Edmundo says:

      numerous call  on a daily basis.

    3. Luigi says:

      They said i was getting free 100 gift card.They keep calling.They are really pissing me off.

    4. Chong says:

      Answered, heard a beep and they hung-up.

    5. Derek says:

      received a call stating I had to contact with 48 hours due to a restraining order filed against me. I have never been to Greenville NC or Pitt County at any point in my life. Several sources online indicate it is a scam. I contacted the number and all options get a busy signal. This is definately a scam.

    6. Roderick says:

      Automated call - credit relief "in these tough times". Calls repeatedly from multiple numbers, most frequently in the 312 and 302 area codes.

    7. Travis says:

      said it was department of treasury inquiring about 8000.. when I said excuse me they hung up

    8. Cletus says:

      Said they were calling about higher education when I finally answered because they called a dozen times a times a day. When I attempted to ask that they remove my information she Hung up on me.

    9. Dario says:

      Looking for registered voters.

    10. Mohammed says:

      We don't believe you.  You are a liar and a fraud.  Either you or your husband might have been arrested for committing criminal fraud and extortion over the phone.  They you rats show up on boards posting your fake information to make the scam look legit.

    11. Julius says:

      Calls & hangs up. Heavy breathing.

    12. Carroll says:

      They have called me multiple times in the past two days. They claim to be with futurecareers.com. It is a scam.

    13. Ellsworth says:

      No message, called it back and get busy tone. Same thing as a NJ # that called earlier which is linked to solicitors who seem to obtain phone numbers from websites that bait for info with "free offers" then ask for cc#

    14. Edmund says:

      Talked to a CSR, a company Card Services. No affiliation with any card company. CSR would not spell out her name for my confirmation that I was removed from their list. Also would not let me talk to a manager. THIS IS A SPAMMER

    15. Garfield says:

      Did u ever figure out this nbr?