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    1. Brent says:

      I did not pick up the call and no message was left but my phone bill records 9 minutes!

    2. Henry says:

      No info received. Suspected spam call was blocked.

    3. Mervin says:

      I am receiving rude calls and voicemails from this company, asking for a "Kenneth Moore."  I work for a relatively new company, and we just obtained this number in January.  When I asked to be taken off of their call list, I was told "NO!" and was hung up on.  I'm sick of this treatment and would like it stopped.

    4. Ward says:

      Don't answer scam and they never remove u from their list

    5. Ben says:

      The Mobile trying to regain your business.

    6. Hobert says:

      (9:45pm) No Life; low life drunk. I answered and he started rambing about happy hour and how wasted he was at some bar downtown. I didn't even get a chance to say hello. I guess he didn't care to know that he had the wrong number, as if he was talking to someone else in the back ground. I could not hear clearly, only every other word.

    7. Kirk says:

      Spammed according to the Web.

    8. Wade says:

      Got a call from this # last night. Told me I had borrowed money from them 2 days ago and did not honor my contract so I was being charged with check fraud among other things. I tried to explain I had not borrowed money. They told me I needed to give the $364.49 to avoid court. After I refused they got really nasty and told me they would see me in court. They had a very heavy accent.

    9. Lance says:

      foreign.bill collection....fake

    10. Greg says:

      Sam Smith, you are trying to scam innocent people.  I just want you to know that you have been reported to the FCC & FTC, they have your "so called" name and the number you keep calling from.  And I hope they send you back to whatever Country you came from.

    11. Colby says:

      here is some stuff i found on reporting phone fraud

    12. Cleo says:

      me ligaram nesse numero mas naum identificaram e nao consigo ligar de volta...e nao sei de onde se trata

    13. Matt says:

      Got the same message telling me good luck or have my attorney call them says he's a lawyer

    14. Garfield says:

      This is a dialer system which keeps harassing me.

    15. Julian says:

      Since they are not Registered with the FTC,  as Telemarketers,  they do not purchase or maintain the required FTC DNC list.   They have no idea who is on the list and who isn't and little do they care.