504-253 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Dino says:

      called to say my Fiancee was cheating on me with her. She decided to go for a guy younger than her because she can't get a guy her own age even though he told her he was engaged. Pathetic, i know. Whoever wants a w***e call this number.

    2. Clayton says:

      11:28 a.m. EST received a call from this number.  No response. Called hung up the phone.  Nothing said.

    3. Sherwood says:

      Thanks for the message and web address. It is what I thought.  They sent me an email with the same Careerbuilder pitch and I sent an email back to them declining an interview.  Then within an hour of declining this number came up.  I had that feeling and didn't answer it...looked up the number here...I am glad.  I was suckered into one of these type of interviews with another insurance company about three years ago.  That was two hours of my life I will never get back....LOL.

    4. Geoffrey says:

      Calling about colleges and universities! Blah! leave me alone quit calling!!!!

    5. Johnathon says:

      two phone calls from this number, yet call back says number not in service.

    6. Jamar says:

      yes trying to get personal info solictation call

    7. Manuel says:

      Just received a call from this number. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number, let alone the area code, & came on here to post. The caller didn't leave a message, so I sent a txt with a question mark to the number, but no response was received.

    8. Shayne says:

      They keep calling and txting me and telling me i won all this stuff its annoying

    9. Lloyd says:

      Did not request information

    10. Robert says:

      ok so i got a call from this # never called or talked to any body from it exept today thay called and said hi and my name. then hung up it was really freaky

    11. Galen says:

      These peolpe call and won't leave a message.  I tried to find out the name, but all "free" reverse number sites want you to pay.  All they would tell me is that the number originates in Merced, California.

    12. Derick says:

      I got the same call tonight..Just hung up

    13. Roy says:

      about 10 calls and text they are highly sexual and not wanted

    14. Bradley says:

      Selling RV - Recieved text in the middle of the night - "is your Rvs for still up for sale rply to jonesbrown630@ymail.com"  Must be a scam!

    15. Efrain says:

      Time Share Scam, people who ignore stopfax and Do Not Call registration.