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    1. Claude says:

      I recieved this call by a person on interstate I-85 coming out of Atlanta, this person was tailgating me for a while then sped around me then I received at very hateful call from this number.

    2. Morgan says:

      Possible pimp prank calls

    3. Juan says:


    4. Ferdinand says:

      I too received a call from this number and it said that it was Wells Fargo and that there was a problem with my debit card.  However, I don't even have a debit card from Wells Fargo. As with Lana, they said that there had been a temporary freeze placed on my debit card and that I was to press a number and would reach their security line.

    5. Sherman says:

      Caller calls more than 10 times a day and hangs up. It is a stalker like call that is a continued interruption to our business.

    6. Hyman says:

      2 calls in 2 days with a pitch for a free security system. No reputable security firm would do business in this manner.

    7. Lyle says:

      they called me and hung up after I answered as well. I called them back and a recording said "you have reached the united states prescription card dept..........

    8. Patricia says:

      Received a call 12-07-09. Woman identified herself as Dawn Milohe. She said she was doing a 10 second phone survey on health and asked "does anyone in your family smoke"? But she had my name and number and asked for me by my full name.

    9. Toby says:

      collection for someone I've never heard of.

    10. David says:

      Received 2 time since morning.. what is this

    11. Hugo says:

      Got a text said I was a winner think it is a big scam.

    12. Jarvis says:

      Nuisence calls!!! How can we get them to stop? Robocalls need to be outlawed

    13. Chase says:

      Just some update info. I tried to call that same number back again today. Got more music then a msg my call is being transferred, then more music and told to leave another msg. Left another msg that trying to find out what this is in reference too. Haven't gotten a call back yet as to what the first call was about and what reason someone is looking to serve papers. I did leave on msg that if this in ref of a debt I need verif in the mail

    14. Garry says:

      This guy is calling my number says hes brian an investigator I think im gonna block his number since I know hes a fake

    15. Chuck says:

      Drilling and exploration company