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    1. Issac says:

      I got a call from this number, no one speaking, when I tried to call this number, no response. A lot of people getting call from this number.

    2. Josiah says:

      Never saw this number before. Answered the phone (home phone). A recorded message played saying "Goodbye" then it hung up on me.

    3. Mohammad says:

      two calls two text msgs..HI

    4. Bennie says:

      Selling something didn't stay on long enough

    5. Bruce says:

      After several calls with hang ups when my recorder started, I answered the call and was asked if I would take a short survey.  I did and the questions evolved around cable TV and drinking water. It took about a minute.  Since then I have received serval calls a day which I have not answered.  These calls I am sure are telemarketers.  I am on the do not call list and I plan on reporting this number to the proper authorities.

    6. Tyron says:

      I received a call from this number saying they are a law office. I went off on them and they started cussing me. They keep changing there number also.

    7. Florencio says:

      Calls cell number from 7:30-8:30 am PST but leaves no message.

    8. Barry says:

      Texted me at 1:30 in the morning today with rude and threatening texts. They know who I am, but I don't know who is texting me

    9. Bret says:

      msg sent via my cell phone # ....i have been selected to receive a free best buy gift card 2012 reply to www.giftcard2012.com..apparently some people have too much free time on their hands...nothing is free!! thanks for the info as i didnt reply after reading the posts

    10. Burton says:

      They are calling non stop

    11. Jules says:

      I reached a settlement for 80% of a debt with Blatt Hasenmiller.  They put the settlement offer in writing, stating that they would drop their suit against me if they received payment by a given date.

    12. Lucas says:

      Publicity disgusting publicity

    13. Eduardo says:

      When I spoke with someone a few weeks ago to tell them the same thing the guy to me that he didn't F***ing care about the do not call list and that I could go F*** myself.  I wish I could report them.

    14. Garland says:

      so annoying. calls 2 times a day. so annoying

    15. Ike says:

      I run a small web software business. A CDW rep posted a tech support request to our site marked URGENT, with this message: "Please contact me asap 312-705-5632"