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    1. Edmundo says:

      Called saying fraudulent activity on my credit card claiming to be BOA. I hung up and called BOA they said no fraud was shown on my card!

    2. Monty says:

      This number has been calling for weeks . I have asked them several times to quit calling

    3. Vince says:

      Realtor Google Search Spam Call, ignoring the do not call list

    4. Evan says:

      Male voice implied he was with Ben and Dave's Six Figure Program and offered to Mentor me - then asked quesitons to "qualify" me - some of the quesitons were too sensitive and I blew him off - othere websites indicate this number is "Paid To Place" - a scam

    5. Donnell says:

      Birch Communications. 2nd call after being asked to stop calling.

    6. Scottie says:

      Selling moldimotion told them. To stop calling my cell. Just to be told that i need it to monitor who is calling from my cell. I reply give your address so i can file a complaint with attorney general and by the way this conversation is being recorder they just hang up on me sweetest hang up ever

    7. Irvin says:

      Same here....they called me at 5am this morning.

    8. Ezra says:

      I received the same text then a few weeks later after ignoring it they said they were processing my payment and I'll hear from them next week and I asked who it was and he said it was Robert brown from the mystery shoppers

    9. Daron says:

      Called and didn't leave a message...

    10. Cedrick says:

      Apple is letting 1000 users test and keep the new iphone5! Go to http://phonetrials.com and enter 6674 to get started. Offer valid for 24 hours

    11. Rodrigo says:

      Received our call at 5:12 a.m. -- scared us thinking someone was calling with bad news. No message left either.

    12. Vicente says:

      The Secrets of Mystery Shopping Revealed

    13. Rodrick says:

      Keeps calling trying to sell products

    14. Frederic says:

      tried to act as they knew me as a business contact and attempted to

    15. Lauren says:

      this person who calls, sounds like a girl I kno named kristin thilgen, she calls me all the time, i would love to prove its her. She is jealous of me, altho i left her dad already, she didnt want us together and so now that we arent anymore, too much of her drama, she still is stalking me. she calls and says guess who this is bi***, and stupid stuff like that...ugh