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    1. Tyson says:

      I have had several calls from this number. They leave message saying urgent and i should call back. I finally got this dude that you can not understand saying I have a lawsuit against me. I asked to talk to someone that could speak English and he hung up.

    2. Edmundo says:

      Called saying fraudulent activity on my credit card claiming to be BOA. I hung up and called BOA they said no fraud was shown on my card!

    3. Joseph says:

      I ALSO I GOT A PHONE CALL.. i talked to "Bryan king"  and they told me there taking me to court ect and i owe 5,000 and if i dont pay im going to jail and they kept trying to get me to pay something without any papers they said i have court on monday.. i was about to pay but i called home Land security and they said there has been over 2,000 people that have fell for this and they having been tyring to find these hoobeebs for a year .. so help to us all that got this phone call. i hope they get the death penelty!

    4. Willie says:

      learn to spell you grammer sucks

    5. Monty says:

      This number has been calling for weeks . I have asked them several times to quit calling

    6. Vince says:

      Realtor Google Search Spam Call, ignoring the do not call list

    7. Evan says:

      Male voice implied he was with Ben and Dave's Six Figure Program and offered to Mentor me - then asked quesitons to "qualify" me - some of the quesitons were too sensitive and I blew him off - othere websites indicate this number is "Paid To Place" - a scam

    8. Donnell says:

      Birch Communications. 2nd call after being asked to stop calling.

    9. Scottie says:

      Selling moldimotion told them. To stop calling my cell. Just to be told that i need it to monitor who is calling from my cell. I reply give your address so i can file a complaint with attorney general and by the way this conversation is being recorder they just hang up on me sweetest hang up ever

    10. Irvin says:

      Same here....they called me at 5am this morning.

    11. Ezra says:

      I received the same text then a few weeks later after ignoring it they said they were processing my payment and I'll hear from them next week and I asked who it was and he said it was Robert brown from the mystery shoppers

    12. Miles says:

      Really dont wanna tlk tu him.. For a while....he mad mehh made nd i dont wanna hear his voice soo bye michael!!!

    13. Daron says:

      Called and didn't leave a message...

    14. Cedrick says:

      Apple is letting 1000 users test and keep the new iphone5! Go to http://phonetrials.com and enter 6674 to get started. Offer valid for 24 hours

    15. Rodrigo says:

      Received our call at 5:12 a.m. -- scared us thinking someone was calling with bad news. No message left either.