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    1. Hunter says:

      This number is the newest one that started calling my girlfriend.  The other ones were the same 213 area code.  They always have an indian accent with a plain american name.  Totally a SCAM!  They even have my girlfriend SS#, birthday, and other info.  Very scary.  I told her to get a credit monitoring service for the meantime to play it safe.  DO NOT TALK TO THESE PEOPLE!  DO NOT ANSWER IT EITHER.  THEY HAVE WAYS OF ABUSING WHAT YOU SAY ON THE PHONE.  This is not a collections agency.  By law, a collections agency has to tell you who they are and specifically what they are collecting for.

    2. Randy says:

      I got a call just now and a message to please call back, i call back and got a busy signal. crazy i found this thread. i live in 512 also.

    3. Kieth says:

      10/22/09 6:04pm...Getting the same caller ID as the rest of you: "Natural Way Law..." but with this # instead: ---239-4017...no area code posted.  We're on the National Do-Not-Call List too...pay for an unlisted #...go figure!  They ring us...don't leave a message, but sure do a lot of interrupting! Another telemarketer with an Arizona #623-238-6131 is doing the same thing 3 times a day now...we must be on their automated dial.  Group Energy and/or Energy Group is behind this one which is some kind of communications company network based in Arizona.  They do the same thing...call..we answer...no one there.  When we don't answer...machine goes into message mode...they wait a few seconds, then click & hang-up! Have no idea what's going on with these pests...does anybody else have a clue?

    4. Earnest says:

      Called from 270-753-9024 with Caller ID only showing "Murray, KY".  Reported to be American Direct calling to mail materials for a "Ford truck giveway contest."  Will ask your name and address to mail materials.

    5. Terry says:

      No clue who this is. No one answers

    6. Kip says:

      They didn't say anything. Just keep calling and never answer when I call back.

    7. Antonio says:

      If this number calls, report to Deputy Burnham!!

    8. Roger says:

      Anyone can help me to trace this number

    9. Rick says:

      I received a call from this number. I politely told them I had to go because the call had awoken the kids from their nap. The caller was rude, began to yell at me and kept asking "Why" ? Finally I said go to hel* and hung up. (Sorry I have kids to take care of) I received a call that about 3 minutes later from the same person. He called me every name he could think of (all preceded by the F* Bomb). Are these people nuts?

    10. Antony says:

      Your scripts at being processed, held,or mailed. All auto recorded.

    11. Daryl says:

      We had 2 missed calls from this number on our caller id. I called the phone company to ask about the number and they said it was not a valid US area code. I even looked up country codes to see where number was from.

    12. Mark says:

      got a text from 209-200-2175 stated congratualtion ! as a thank you, call 888-208-4854 to receive your $100 retail reabate

    13. Trenton says:

      LoL ( my name) and link to something

    14. Kerry says:

      SMS spam saying your credit score has changed

    15. Bennie says:

      Spam. Tel-marketer. I didn't answer.