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    1. Graig says:

      They call all hours of the day and do not leave a message. They really should.

    2. Andrea says:

      Got another call from 01-125-375-5781. Googled the number and found that the source is:

    3. Normand says:

      Drug dealer asking for money.

    4. Angelo says:

      just got a call from this number. he said i filled out a survey, so I told him I don't fill out surveys.

    5. Gabriel says:

      This number has been calling our phone day and night and no one is there.  I called back and it says all our agents are busy.  No name nothing and of course no one comes to the phone. Always worried someone has taken one of those false numbers you can get of the internet to check to see if your at home how in the world are we to know?

    6. Monroe says:

      maybe this no. is belongs to TCS

    7. Hugh says:

      2 calls....no return from call back

    8. Kelvin says:

      I received a call from this number and it said that it was Wells Fargo and that there was a problem with my debit card.  Then they said that there had been a temporary freeze placed on my debit card and that I was to press a number and would reach their security line.

    9. Fernando says:

      Getting the same person 2 times a day.  I pay my hospital bill online and they receive it.  The guys a real pain.  I've blocked his number  all 5 of them

    10. Carmelo says:

      I am also getting calls from this same telephone number, but they hang up on me each time they call.  The second call today I just picked up and listened without speaking...after about 15 seconds they hung up without saying anything.

    11. Hershel says:

      I try calling the number back, never stated the company name. They don't leave voice mail. So o well...

    12. Denis says:

      I have asked repeatedly to be placed on thier no call list only to be hung up on and I've pressed the numbers to be removed from their call list.

    13. Vincenzo says:

      no option to be taken off call list.

    14. Nathanial says:

      Recorded message:  "It is urgent that you contact us concerning your eligibility for lowering your interest rates to as little as 6.9%.  Your eligibility expires shortly so please send a digital final notice.  Press 3 to discontinue further notices or one to speak to a live operator and lower your interest rates.  Thank you and have a great day."  I have received this recorded message from several different cell phones over the last two months.  Pressing the 3 to discontinue does no good.  They keep calling.

    15. Dewey says:

      Text from (347) 560-3739 stating that I had won a $1000 Best Buy card - Bogus!!!