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    1. Brant says:

      this dude is crazy. he will beat u up. no games no lies. he is in the bowie md area. he is brown skin bald headed and stand 5'10. And he has a real nasty attitude.

    2. Kennith says:

      i received a call stating tha ti owe a lot of money for a loan co. that i have never heard of. also, stating that i have charges for check fraud, some type of felony charge and that i have a warrent for my arrest. my boss told told me to file a complaint at a police station and that they can trace the call withIN AN HOUR. they knew all of myinfo including my ss#. ive called them back to get informationfrom them but the guy started to get rude and would give straight answers. then he acted like he could not hear me and hung up on me.

    3. Roman says:

      My name is Seth and this is my number. I have a business in Boise that is referral based and is expanding. I teach financial principles that help families become properly protected, debt free, and financially independent. I am licensed in the state of Idaho as well as with FINRA. I'm constantly looking for good people to help spread the word about financial independence. If me calling you is somehow suspicious or harmful in anyway, please accept my apology. That is not my intention.

    4. Aubrey says:

      Ways to trace unknown numbers

    5. Pablo says:

      What was the name of the guy she asked for? I got the same thing. Maybe she asked me for the same person. It was a lady asking about a guy that I do know

    6. Emile says:

      This caller called last night and blocked the number, it was the Alabama Sheriff Association wanting donations, I told them no, and they hung up, then tonight this number was on the caller id, not blocked this time, but i didnt answer it. I am so tired of telemarketers and people calling for donations, i need some donations myself!!!

    7. Hassan says:

      a idiot very disturbed person very violent emotional wreck retared and annoying a stalker and a very big liar will hurt kids beware!!!! drug use

    8. Marion says:

      Spam: The call to my cell phone cut off after a couple of seconds.

    9. Leon says:

      Sends me texts. First one was "test message" the 2nd was "Bombbomb said he hasnt got a present 4 lea yet but will look 2morrow or next weeked" wtf?

    10. Gavin says:

      Received numerous calls. Finally picked up to ask them to take me off the list. It is a scam claiming to be a non-profit.

    11. Jayson says:

      Missed this called, and when I called back operator says this number is being disconnected. I don't who the hell they are.

    12. Sydney says:

      Who're these guy's supposed to be?

    13. Stephen says:

      Smokers quiting program ad

    14. Arthur says:

      Caller threatens me with check fraud, states I will be arrested . Wants my attorney info so that he can download affidavit . Says I will be sued for 67,000.00 and threatens me with arrest for defrauding US National Bank and only God can help me and I need to pray if I do not handle this matter immediately.

    15. Nicholas says:

      Got called 4 times today.  I finally hot a live person on the line.  I immediately let him know I was on the National Do Not Call list & for him to put me on his "DO NOT CALL" list.  As I was saying this,  he hung up on me.   I hope this works.  He did not identify himself or his company.   This type of predatory aggravating phone techniques should be outlawed & fined heavily!   These scum should be fined &I forced out of business for such miserable tactics!