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    1. Wilbert says:

      I hop. U find your self and keep praying. For you

    2. Reyes says:

      asshole, wanna be prince royal, hemorraded pain in assculo.

    3. Cyril says:

      Caller ID said Detroit Lakes - I have signed up for Opt-out and should not be receiving these calls. Thanks.

    4. Delmer says:

      This IS the American Cancer Society -- whey there is never a voice at the other end is beyond me.  Just call the number back, press 1 and you will get a prompt to delete your phone number from their automatic dialing list.

    5. Nicholas says:

      To verify the origin of the call

    6. Freddy says:

      Calling at least once a day

    7. Andrea says:

      Got a call today from someone with a thick accent claiming to be from a law firm and telling me that he understood that I was having trouble paying my mortgage. I answered that this was incorrect and that my mortgage would be paid off soon. At that point he had hung up. I googled because I was afraid that it was from an off shore telephone time billing company, although he wasn't on the line long and made no effort to keep me on the line.

    8. Jeffrey says:

      Yes - recorded message for a "free" alarm system - complete scam. Don't press 1. Hang up, call back and get placed on "do not call list."

    9. Beau says:

      I got a call from them they wont even let u say nothing are ask any ques they hang up before u can say who are u

    10. Darrell says:

      I get calls repeatedly from this number...2-3 times weekly. The person sounds as though he's the same individual and has identified himself as Jake, with Debt Solutions. I have advised him I am enrolled in the Do Not Call Registry and to cease his calls, which obviously has not impacted him at all.

    11. Mauricio says:

      Called; did not leave a msg and hung up.

    12. Rocco says:


    13. Preston says:

      My husband and son received a text this morning wishing a Merry Christmas and stating 'guns and books are my life'

    14. Carter says:

      They ask for William Butler and know they have the wrong number.

    15. Garrett says:

      Received 4 calls from this number in less than a month, and only a silence for a message if one is left.