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    1. Art says:

      My daughter got several calls from this # but didn't answer the phone.  I finally told her to answer it to see what they wanted and after going through the whole thing of she won a trip for 2 plus $1000 in vouchers and a LOT of requests for personal info (she wasn't listening to me and gave them quite a bit) he finally asked for credit/debit card info, which she didn't give him.  She asked him to speak to me and after being told she didn't have $3.95 for shipping expenses he said I could pay it for her.  Being told that was NOT an option he asked to speak to her again and tried to convince her to ask other family members for the money.  He offered to call back today to give her a chance to come up with the money to pay for the shipping, at first she said no but then told him that would be fine.  He hung up and as far as I know he hasn't called her back yet.

    2. Charlie says:

      everest school calls every 5 minutes.

    3. Ricky says:

      Solo biting for nonlinear schools.

    4. Orville says:

      Wanted to sell me a wireless home security system, all automated

    5. Jonah says:

      calls weekly and never leaves a message. i registered on their site to stop receiving calls and am on the do not call registry but it still continues. STOP CALLING ME

    6. Alphonse says:

      This is a debt collector called Focus Receivables.  They were calling my place of employment threatening to speak with HR or my corporate office.  I informed her that i could not take calls at work and she called the following day. I filed a complaint with the FTC Federal Trade Commission (

    7. Valentin says:

      dental care but not good near here.

    8. Curt says:

      Google places. Extremely rude.

    9. Johnnie says:

      This is a government number from San Antonio, as if someone was using a military phone from Ft Sam, Lackland AFB, etc.  Hope this helps

    10. Jarvis says:

      This person threatened me(and still is) and it's really creepy, because that person knows about my past and wants to ruin my present :(

    11. Franklin says:

      Recieved a text from 225-200-5161:Hi , let's talk urgif.com it's Katie by the way

    12. Jorge says:

      I'm assuming your girlfriend is using an Android phone? Sounds like her phone has been hacked. I suggest you take it back to your wireless provider and have them reset everything to factory after of course you backed up important data.Then in the future be careful of what apps and roms you're downloading and do not leave bluetooth on when not in use.Most likely it's just someone messing around for kicks, but as a precaution I would keep an eye out in your neighborhood.

    13. Stephen says:

      He scammed me also. This guy is a crook and needs to be caught. He claims to be a A&R for Asylum Records and he would put me on tour or open up for main stream artist but he doesn't have any connects so I'm putting it out there so everyone else will be aware of what he's doing. He goes by the name Eric Beasley. Don't send him sh**!

    14. Anton says:

      Same happened with me. I just ordered a sample as was stated in the email that I got from them when I clicked the link stated in the email. There was no mention of shipment of regular size neither was there a mention of charge to my credit card for the regular size. I am wondering what the Fed is doing with this. I feel like an idiot. But I am not going to request my credit card company to to reverse the charge. Lets see what happens.

    15. Leland says:

      Received the following text March 4 at 12:39pst: Dear Starbucks customer, you have won a $50 Starbucks gift card. First 10,000 customers only-