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    1. Lawerence says:

      They have called me at least 10 times in the past 2 days. Just now i answered and they asked for someone who i have no idea who it is. I just told them "Wrong number" and hung up. hopefully they dont call me again! And they obviously have no idea how to leave a message

    2. Dudley says:

      Leaves no message. Try to sleep days. Don't want to turn off phone in case important call or OT offered.  Really rude to not leave a legit message.

    3. Will says:

      The phone number belongs to Pacific Telecom Communications GroupGroup's legal representative, F Antone AccuardiInterlaw@justice.comlegal@pacifictelecommunications.comCell:   971-404-4185Pacific Telecom Communications Group12228 Venice Blvd. Suite 559Los Angeles, CA  90066You can call or write to complain directly about calls fron this number.

    4. Weldon says:

      they pretty much did the same with me too. they have called like a bunch of times today alone, it rings once and then nothing, but this number is recorded in my display. im going to call and have myself removed, i have too, its uncanny but they managed to call everytime i have to tinkle, very strange i think!

    5. Justin says:

      Calls interrupting dinner.  Calls morning and evening.  This is a number that should be cancelled.  Offering prizes.  A scam.  ATT should look into this.

    6. Houston says:

      has called repeatedly, i have taken to fully screening calls on my phone, it all goes to voice, emails me ones with number ident so i can keep written record of the calls time and duration on the message. mostly they have lasted only 20 seconds or so, but when i actually answered one by mistake, it was telemarketing at its worst, little english, mispronounced name which always sets me off.. absolute wrong time of day for anything legitimate,  I AM ALSO ON A DO NOT CALL LIST

    7. Wayne says:

      whats African American got to do with it?  Maybe you could tell me how tall she was and her foot size.  think she was married and had kids and a mortgage to pay?  I'm sure she loves to spend her day trying to scrape out a living collecting from folks like herself who probably can't afford to keep their homes much less pay their unsecured debt.

    8. Thanh says:

      Rang twice on my cell phone and no message left. The number is within the same area code as me, but not recognized, so I didn't bother answering.

    9. Tyson says:

      I have dealt with some obnoxious and mentally deranged people in my life, but this guy takes the cake.  Don't know why HIS need to know who I am and find someone else trump my need for security and not giving out any personal info to strangers.  After I called for permission to give the company the direct line of who they were calling, they called me rude and refused to take down the number.

    10. Ellis says:

      I also received the same message twice today (Sunday). I have never had dealings with Bancorp south. Ironically the text number ifs from vtxt (verizons Web based text service). I call scam on this, can anyone confirm?

    11. Rory says:

      Fcc FTC and Do not Call does NOTHING I have no idea why they are salaried employees to do nothing I want that job!  I Dont answer any calls that I dont recognize the number i KNOW its ALL the same BS - RACHEL company.  They must get off on rejection- at first I kept saying DONT call me - NO interest- then said OK and played their game I knew they require debt of 8,000 or more I said sure I have that debt let me go and get my credit cards they are downstairs- I put him on hold and never came back to the phone- THEY STILL called even after I played their games!!  I told one guy I have NO DEBT- yet still get the calls so now I just wont answer the cell (thats the number they have-I dont have a landline)

    12. Mohammed says:

      Tax debt consolidation company

    13. Isaac says:

      Yeah, its cap 1 they are harassing everyone now. I have gotten upto 15 calls a day Sunday through saturday!!! All that from them for missing ONE payment!!! Calls start at 8am est and end at 9pm!!

    14. Rosendo says:

      wanting you to take out a loan

    15. Louis says:

      BEWARE!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! I didnt get any phone calls but it was on an e-mail i received from a person supposedly an "eBay agent" (which does not exist by the way) to confirm ebay purchase. DO NOT send any money or anything to these people. The name in my e-mails was James Anthony Tate/Michael Goodwin pretending to be a Sgt. 1st class in the military!!!!