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    1. Harrison says:

      yes, on Majic Jack phone service;PLEASE BLOCK

    2. Derek says:

      Do not want this number to call

    3. Virgilio says:

      i didn't answer the first time the second time the answer machine picked up nothing and third time they didn't say nothing but i do notice they do csll when im on the computer

    4. Olin says:

      i dont want this number call me any more

    5. Jonah says:

      Received a one ring call from this number. I sent an application into options house 24 hrs ago so it must be a valid phone number confirmation check.

    6. Raleigh says:

      i am getting the same crap..  not frequently..  but about once a week..  a call from a blocked ("withheld") number..  my phone then says i have a voice mail..  when i go to check the voicemail, there is NO voicemail..  ??   shortly after this (1 min approx) i get a text from 1-111-069-000..  in the body of the text it leaves a phone number.. i called two of the numbers from different phones.. one of the numbers was busy..  the other rang and went to a generic voicemail saying to leave a message..  i called att to inquire about this..  they are either retarded or know about it and don't want to explain.. it seems that if you completely ignore the call and texts- that it stops at that..  but i answered one call recently and there is nothing there- no sound at all.. i hung up and it called me back 3 times immediately..  i rejected the calls...  it then texted me 3 times very quickly from 1-111-069-000 with a call back number..  i don't think this is some random waste of time..  i plan to keep trying to find something out about this..

    7. Elias says:

      received today at 1540hrs, no message, called it back and the message reported The number was incorrect, to redial and try again.

    8. Thomas says:

      keep calling at weird hours, finally answered, a Caribbean woman wouldn't respond when i asked where she was calling from, just was ruffling papers and talking to someone next to her. Really annoying. What company is this?

    9. Emmett says:

      This number sends text message spam.

    10. Reinaldo says:

      A man with the name of Mr. Scanti called. from ACS. It's regarding an account. No other details given. Asked that he must be contacted by 4PM EST.

    11. Noah says:

      8:30 p.m. call, no response upon answering phone

    12. Coy says:

      Inore text messages an calls

    13. Brent says:

      Collection agency for MBNA.

    14. Reyes says:

      Thank you for the information!

    15. Linwood says:

      I don't know who calls but they keep calling repeatedly. Probably 20 times a day. When I pick up it sounds like indian people talking they will talk for 10 seconds and hang up or won't talk at all. I threatened to call the police but now they just call and hang up. Its really a pain!