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    1. Ellsworth says:

      I also receive like 6to7 calls from this # on a daily basis it is very upsetting!

    2. Oliver says:

      I finally answered after they had been calling every few hours.  They asked if airline was there?

    3. Jeramy says:

      Dirty spammers. They call me, put me on hold

    4. Lloyd says:

      Recieved two calls     no one there    from   270 331 6283  and   270 331 6284

    5. Julio says:

      I got a call this afternoon.Answered and got dead air then they hung up.

    6. Carlo says:

      Caller ID said Texas.  Just wondering who it is.

    7. Wallace says:

      Pinnacle Roofing Solutions - Roofing Contractor, Skylights, Building Restoration, Residential Roofing, Siding Service 22374 East Nassau Place Aurora, CO 80018(303) 335-5006http://www.pinnacleroofingsolutions.com/

    8. Dorsey says:

      received a text from telephone number209 200 0084 with the same message about borrowing 5000 all on line itexed stop back tio them  thanks for the above info

    9. Royce says:

      "Mary" calling from --mumbled words-- company. Called back & listened to her message...company name is not audible on her voicemail. SPAM!!

    10. Joesph says:

      Costar sucks!  Totally unprofessional, bringing the professional image of real estate people down to a new low while we try to elevate it, they are nothing more than uneducated telemarketers with no value.  We get plagued with calls from these losers constantly despite repeated requests to desist - now we are no longer polite and freely tell them where to go.

    11. Mariano says:

      Calls twice daily and no one is ever on the other end?

    12. Ismael says:

      I keep getting calls from 801 222-4141  all day long!  Can someone stop this? You call them back it just rings...

    13. Lindsey says:

      I am a contractor and someone from this number called me about repair from "Individualized Repair". They said basically that they repair all pneumatic and electric tools lke nail guns, staple guns, saws, air compressors, drills, generators, small engines/more! This was great b/c I need tool repair in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. I sent Ind. Repair my 11 tools and it came to oly $537.48. The owner Martin called me the next day with an estimate. He said they could be done monday morning. Got a call about 5:30 AM from the guys and they got on jobsite just before 6 with the repaired tools. All around I just got absolutely amazing service and prices with free delivery for half the repair time and price of my old repair shop despite this was a cold call solicitation to a contractor. Thanks alot Martin and the whole Individualized Repair team, we loved your service and we have found a premanent repair shop that will treat us right, charge us fairly and cater to our needs. Thanks soo much!!!

    14. Graig says:

      I dont know who called me!!! Help if u reconize this number is some collage thing

    15. Everette says:

      Somebody keeps calling me from this number, never leaves a message and sometimes calls right back if I push the decline slide