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    1. Marvin says:

      Can I stop spammer from disturbing me?

    2. Arturo says:

      The caller knew my name and pretended to be from an “Energy Conservation” company in San Antonio selling insulation systems for your attic. I answered the phone expecting a client looking for insurance; unfortunately, solicitors, “charities”, and other professional annoyers drain the energy from small businesses.

    3. Bradly says:

      Yes, i got a text from this number saying i was a loser

    4. Aubrey says:

      I keep getting a spam text from this person. I have no idea who it was. I was getting ready for bed and this number 'blows up' my phone with numerous text messages. I go to call it. It goes directly to voicemail. And it sounds like a mentally disabled person saying 'hi'

    5. Carmen says:

      This number text me with a bs you won an ipad scam

    6. Virgilio says:

      I noticed missed call, I called this number back it says Mark Anderson's voicemail box is full and can't accept more voicemail messages I have no idea who this guy is!!!

    7. Israel says:

      To follow the above problem number (209-854-4050)-I am on the4 do not call list Also~~!!!

    8. Dannie says:

      Federal Recovery Group, they are debt buyers or collectors, people, you cant go to jail for owing money,civil suit is one thing, criminal is another. Dont let these people bully you around, they prey on the fact that you may not know the law. The owner lives in Valley Stream, NY. they are just trying to make a living like everyone else, they just use idiotic tatctics and employees that the owner can manipulate to break the law.

    9. Jacob says:

      its a scam, clear as day, you won a "free" trip but they ask for your credit card info, don't be fooled, never give your credit card info over the phone! If it's not a scam they will have no problem sending you information by mail, don't do email, always request mail

    10. Tony says:

      Called at 5:50PM and hung up before machine picked up. Has called several times before.

    11. Edmund says:

      Haahaaa someone beat me to it already hoe with dirty pussy good one... But on some real stuff though this chick will rob u blind

    12. Emmanuel says:

      stop calling me do not know who you are ! thank you !

    13. Hai says:

      Spam text message -- something about a loan.

    14. Rayford says:

      This number has been committing fraud and identity theft pretending they are from DIRECTV. They are calling within Westchester County and perhaps New York City selling non-existing channel packages.

    15. Dylan says:

      I am getting the same unknown caller ID from this caller.