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    1. Esteban says:

      im receiving calls from this number was asked severial times not to call. the previous number was

    2. Granville says:

      Holloway credit services Huntsville al

    3. Fredrick says:

      Wtf!!! Can u say blowing up my phone!!!!

    4. Broderick says:

      they call dont say anything and then hang up when i tried to call back i get the phone has been disconnected message then they called again this time they kept saying hello like they cant here then they call one more time and as soon as i say i can hear you they hung up. all with in 4 minutes

    5. Damon says:

      heavy acient man said calling from american leagal service fraud was committed by a friend or famiily member in my name and that i am responsible for the act .said he  had my  social security number asked him to read it back and it was different he asked is that right ,, advise him he is harrasing my and to not call then he started cusing and swearing at me .. then he was talking to someone in back ground in different laugage

    6. Al says:

      I received two or three calls, The last call the male asked for the previous owner of my phone#. When I explained that person has not had this number for 9 years,they hung up.

    7. Walker says:

      This number called me and said they were looking for someone to work for them...they wanted a nanny who is not affraid to be dirty......

    8. Clinton says:

      A female person called Maribeth or Maribel calls my house up to ten times a week asking to talk to my mentally disabled husband.  She refuses to tell me what the call is in reference to and when told that I have power of attorney, she asks to see it.  I have repeatedly asked that I be taken off her call list.  This is not a collection call

    9. Loren says:

      It was company selling sod

    10. Lanny says:

      Thy think thy so slick.bill collector calld frm a new number..please

    11. Fredrick says:

      Once, a female recording and twice a male recording told me that a friend had submitted my name into a draw held by Walmart and I had won a cruise... (That's when I always hang up the phone.) I have made a HUGE mistake and accepted one "free cruise" from another caller and I still don't know how that will turn out. Turned out it was not totally free. They charged my card for over $400.00 dollars!!! MY FAULT!!!! I should not have fallen for it. I still have that "free cruise" ahead of me, but I have heard some scary stuff; (some-one had gone and their card god charged over $20,000.00 Dollars!!) I don't know if that is true or a rumor. I will go through a lawyer to cancel the trip and HOPEFULY get my money back. And I have learned a lesson! (DOH!!!)

    12. Ike says:

      These people answered as GC Services (appear to be a debt collector scam on line). They used bogus information to try to get me to reveal my personal information to them. When I started asking questions a "supervisor" joined the call (he was already listening) and began threatening me with government action if I did not answer their questions. That pretty much did it for me. I hung up. I called this number back to make sure it was not a redirect or bogus number. They answered as the same.

    13. Noel says:

      Text message with only 310-809-6675 on March 25th. No idea why.

    14. Shannon says:

      pls let me kno the no area

    15. Nicky says:

      This number called and left no message. I work nights and was just trying to go to sleep.