478-537 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 478-537-5891
  • 478-537-5892
  • 478-537-5893
  • 478-537-5894
  • 478-537-5895
  • 478-537-5896
  • 478-537-5897
  • 478-537-5898
  • 478-537-5899
  • 478-537-5900
  • 478-537-5901
  • 478-537-5902
  • 478-537-5903
  • 478-537-5904
  • 478-537-5905
  • 478-537-5906
  • 478-537-5907
  • 478-537-5908
  • 478-537-5909
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  • 478-537-5920

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    1. Esteban says:

      im receiving calls from this number was asked severial times not to call. the previous number was

    2. Granville says:

      Holloway credit services Huntsville al

    3. Luigi says:

      I got a call from this number and got exactly what the above guys got.

    4. Alfonso says:

      302-232-3130 is 100% spam and woke me up. How can we stop them or shutdown their business. This is not fair at all.

    5. Emilio says:

      called @ 2:00 am. just a loud squeal like a pig

    6. Tanner says:

      Some kind is sales call in rapid fire Spanish. Had to hang up.

    7. Fredrick says:

      Wtf!!! Can u say blowing up my phone!!!!

    8. Broderick says:

      they call dont say anything and then hang up when i tried to call back i get the phone has been disconnected message then they called again this time they kept saying hello like they cant here then they call one more time and as soon as i say i can hear you they hung up. all with in 4 minutes

    9. Damon says:

      heavy acient man said calling from american leagal service fraud was committed by a friend or famiily member in my name and that i am responsible for the act .said he  had my  social security number asked him to read it back and it was different he asked is that right ,, advise him he is harrasing my and to not call then he started cusing and swearing at me .. then he was talking to someone in back ground in different laugage

    10. Tyson says:

      Keeps sending the same txt 20x a day

    11. Al says:

      I received two or three calls, The last call the male asked for the previous owner of my phone#. When I explained that person has not had this number for 9 years,they hung up.

    12. Walker says:

      This number called me and said they were looking for someone to work for them...they wanted a nanny who is not affraid to be dirty......

    13. Felton says:

      He said he was from the PC party but I swear I had this number call before saying it was the Tax Federation looking for a donation.

    14. Stanford says:

      Got a call today on my cell in Vancouver, BC. Did not pick up!

    15. Hyman says:

      They did not say anything. I called back, they said it was a telemarketer and I could be placed on their do not call list.