469-384 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 469-384-7906
  • 469-384-7907
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  • 469-384-7921
  • 469-384-7922
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    1. Bernardo says:

      Another interesting point is that I too received the call. I live in Canada and other than being a past employee of the local school board, have nothing to do with the Department of Education, especially one in the U.S.

    2. Carter says:

      Answered call, man said hello and phone went dead. Blocked number

    3. Levi says:

      getting calls to my cell phone from this same number... 678-245-4801... who is this? what do they want... they will not stop calling and don't leave a message...   when i call the number i get a message recording saying "the person i am trying to reach is not able to receive your call"...

    4. Rueben says:

      Received a robocall on my cellphone 02-12-2013@12:50pm

    5. Freddy says:

      I just got the same call about 3 minutes ago. I couldnt understand the lady because of her accent. It sounded bogus and she said good luck to me if I dont call her back. She said she was from Hopkins law firm.

    6. Joseph says:

      Bad words and keeps hanging up

    7. Aron says:

      pges. s s w as as as s shuddered

    8. Gonzalo says:

      Unsolicited text message from this number. Message said: "Hello, Your a Big winner of our free cruise for 2, contact us at: 888-991-6409" 800notes complaints for 888-991-6409 http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-888-991-6409 Yesterday, my carrier blocked an Unknown number, and it left me a blank ...

    9. Landon says:

      got a message from this number and tried to message back spam

    10. Harlan says:

      Called but did not leave a voicemail (I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize).

    11. Augustus says:

      I spoke to the carrier and they're not the one making the phone calls. However, they did refer me to a do not call service at 307-223-0458. I gave them the calling phone number which they verified on their list and the receiving phone number to add to the do not call list. It's been a couple of days since and the calls have stopped.

    12. Rodolfo says:

      They have called me several times, even on a Sunday afternoon and left no message. I have never answered but don't know of a debt collector who would call on a Sunday.

    13. Clint says:

      When I have tried to call this number back it's some telemarketer to do with mobile customer care.  I have had a few missed calls from these guys and refuse to answer now that I know who they are.  I have no time for telemarketers and it pisses me off

    14. Andre says:

      I have been getting these calls for weeks on end.  No one says anything and all you hear is a ringing.  I know it is NOT my husband calling me from Afghanistan as 1) he is not dumb enough to call someone and not say anything and 2) he ALWAYS calls me cell as he has been instructed to do.  When I call the number back, I get the Ft. Campbell Directory Assistance line.  When I press "0" for the operator, I get an automated message saying the number is out of service.  

    15. Florencio says:

      Home loan please make them to stop calling.