440-742 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 440-742-0372
  • 440-742-0373
  • 440-742-0374
  • 440-742-0375
  • 440-742-0376
  • 440-742-0377
  • 440-742-0378
  • 440-742-0379
  • 440-742-0380
  • 440-742-0381
  • 440-742-0382
  • 440-742-0383
  • 440-742-0384
  • 440-742-0385
  • 440-742-0386
  • 440-742-0387
  • 440-742-0388
  • 440-742-0389
  • 440-742-0390
  • 440-742-0391
  • 440-742-0392
  • 440-742-0393
  • 440-742-0394
  • 440-742-0395
  • 440-742-0396
  • 440-742-0397
  • 440-742-0398
  • 440-742-0399
  • 440-742-0400
  • 440-742-0401
  • 440-742-0402

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    1. Marion says:

      i got a call from this number early this morning. i called it back and got a answering machine and the message on there was weird, it was my voice, my last name and a message i had used when we had a land line!! i've never lived in the area that this number comes from and have not had a land line in years!!!! and when i did, i did not have a number even close to this one.

    2. Maynard says:

      Asked for wrong person & kept calling

    3. Grady says:

      A timeshare tour = scam? It's not like they're putting a gun to your head and forcing you to purchase it. Sweet doomsaying.

    4. Weston says:


    5. Enoch says:

      Just got this same message at almost the exact same minute you did... 12/18/2012 6:26 pm.

    6. Joey says:

      I got two text messages today from this number with no text.  Has anyone tried the "stop" to At & T and does  it work

    7. Dominic says:

      It is World Financial National Bank. For example Wal-Mart credit cards go through them.

    8. Les says:

      don't know who it it's they never leave a message asp i never answer

    9. Renato says:

      many times this number calls me and when answered no reply just hung off very annouing

    10. Rosendo says:

      This number called me a few days ago but I didn't answer and then looked on here and am glad I didn't. They called back from a different number just now 213-550-4678 and only left a partial message with same BS about calling them back or a complaint will be filed. This the second company to try this tactic with me in about 3 months. I got the last one to quit calling after she cussed me out cause I wouldn't give my info and pay. So I cussed her out and told her never to call again or I was going to the cops.

    11. Hiram says:

      Text message from 228-731-6762 that read... "Bad credit, No equity, Behind on your payment, Not behind. Want a lower payment? Interest rates as low as 2% Fixed. If so, reply HELP, To Opt out reply STOP." I did not reply. I am in Canada and the # is tracked to Gulfport MS.

    12. Jeffrey says:

      WN Positions, called saying they have job positions to fill and are calling because I recently completed an online survey (which I have never done). When I said no, they immediately hung up. When I called back they wouldn't answer because they recognized my number. When I called back using a different phone the same person answered, I asked for a supervisor, and the call went dead. When I called back again from another different phone the same person answered, I told him not to hang up on me and asked for a supervisor and again the phone went dead.

    13. Mathew says:

      This same number keeps calling me and I dont know what to do cuz they always hang up when I say hello.

    14. Lyle says:

      didn't leave a message just keep calling has called twice yesterday and 3 * today

    15. Terrence says:

      I'm from sweden and just got a call from this number. It was a woman calling from lexmark customer satisfaction. If you have anything to do with a lexmark printer or alike and you've resently have contact with their service-department you should get a call just asking if you are satisfied with their service.