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    1. Harland says:

      I received a call, asking me to do college online. Told them I wasn't interested.

    2. Garland says:

      College call and call and you don't want them calling

    3. Scottie says:

      This is DCS. I don't know who they are. They called and asked if I knew someone that has an address on my street.

    4. Bret says:

      Stupid text msg...saying I'm Alexis message me back I'll be waiting

    5. Jaime says:

      Left no message. Other times a recorded voice saying they have information on my credit card and would like to help. Says Rev Path on Caller ID. I have no credit card debt and no connection to any surveys. Am on the DO NOT CALL registry and have been receiving calls like this for several months now.

    6. Alden says:

      The same people use 913-428-7426

    7. Deon says:

      I received several calls from this number, but I was never home at the time.  I finally was able to answer the phone on Monday, December 8, 2008, at 8pm (est), and they claim they are a debt management relief program.  I immediately told them I was not interested and I hung up.  If you call the number back, a recording comes on informing the number has been disconnected.

    8. Daryl says:

      You must really hate this country and everything it stands for to come on here and try to tell the TAXPAYERS of this country that they should put up with private PROFESSIONAL PRIVACY INVADERS hired by the government. Too bad the nazis are out of business, you would have liked their idea of government.

    9. Paul says:

      Called me in South-Eastern Canada at 9:35am with beeping. Believe they are trying to fax me. Believe they are called Qwest Corp calling from Jackson, Wyoming USA.

    10. Gilberto says:

      Got a call from this # and didn't answer it as it came in at 9:43pm.

    11. Len says:


    12. Rolando says:

      i don't know why they call but don't let this number get through

    13. Jasper says:

      repeated calls never leaves a message tired of getting these calls and don't know who or why

    14. Fidel says:

      This man named Mark Johnson( foreigner with a American name) called my cell phone stating that I would be locked up and I will have to go to court on Monday.  When I told him that Monday is a holiday he got upset, telling me to shut up and listen to him and I had to agree that I understood everything that he was saying.  I argued that I had no clue who or what they were referring to.  They were very rude and would not let me speak to a supervisor.  I believe this was some sort of scam.  I called my cell phone company to make them aware that I received this call.  This is very scary.

    15. Cecil says:

      claims to be in need of a nanny. calls hself johnson