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    1. Nigel says:

      They don't say anything and hangup

    2. Branden says:

      This is an older white male looking to pass Herpes on to young african american woman.

    3. Melvin says:

      drug class action suit marketing call

    4. Korey says:

      Knew my name and last 4# of AMEX... Wanted to send me a target gift card... I said no and hung up... Foreign accent...

    5. Sydney says:

      these people need to quite

    6. Brant says:

      free apple product es this trutt

    7. Lenard says:

      Number is from Denver Colorado. Seems to be someone with India accent. I have told this person to stop calling me but he continues....

    8. Mason says:

      Ya I got a mail back from a tutoring ad I had on craigslist from Jenny Lints saying her daughter needed tutoring in "my subject"  She never repeated exactly what my subject was making it seem like it is a chain text of BS.  Then asked for my address, phone number and full name.  And specifies to have my physical address, not my p.o. box.   This the sketchiest scam I have ever seen.  NEVER FALL FOR JENNY LINTS.

    9. Desmond says:

      They have called me twice now saying I won a $200 gas card and a $20 gift card and that I pay a $2 processing fee when I receive the card. I can't find anything out about who this is or what company it is. I don't want to give out any of my personal info over the phone and if it's free and I won it then why do I have to pay a fee. It's gotta be a scam.

    10. Brock says:

      University of Phoenix! I didn't even put my correct number when I made an inquiry. Somehow they found it. They have called 8 times in 24 hours.

    11. Roy says:

      Fwd: GET YOUR UNIVERSITY{} DPILOMA - linux.debian.devel | Google Groups

    12. Javier says:

      They won't remodel any home.All they want is your credit card and bank account number. Block that number and see if you get another call from another number today, tomorrow or in the near future.

    13. Avery says:

      i got calls from the numbers and they hange up or not say anything in pisses me off and they keep calling with different numbers howd they get my number in the first place dam mother fkrs

    14. Preston says:

      show when text messages are sent

    15. Wilburn says:

      This number keeps calling then hanging up. When I call back a recording states if you want to be removed from our list, press 1. But the recording does not state who the caller is. Can you help me/us here.