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    1. Cameron says:

      Hav no reason 2 tlk 2 him

    2. Alejandro says:

      okay one day i was from the library and while i was from there i got and vice message from a lady called mary she called me but she didint got my number she said i have won 15,000$ i said what i then gave him a call then he asked me if im paying tax i said yes then i said hye why !! i said i didnt apply for this he asked me if i have a account i said no i said i will open one today then i went there so i told him the number and gave him  all my information so then he placed on the phone and he said voice  talk!! youre many has been sent to western union he said sir you will recieve this money but you have to send 210 dollars to india , then i sent the 210 stressly and angrly and then i said 210 again because he said the money i sent has been holded so let me try and send the money again i sent it and he said if i send it he will give me the tracking number lies he lied , he said 8:00 pm i should call him i called him but he didnt answer the phone . and since that day its like that always .. so i called with a another number and another guy answered are you ready to recieve this money from western union i said yes !! he hanged up and did not answer but i hav'nt got any calls from that number !! i went to police they said they cant do anything about this but i believe they will do something About this i was pissed of for loosing 420$ for nothing they will pay for this !!!!!!!!

    3. Ferdinand says:

      keeps calling...i dont answer...doesnt leave messages

    4. Monty says:

      This number has called my house six times over the last two days. No one ever answers & the call is disconnected. Tried calling back but the line is busy. Reported the number to the National Do Not Call registry.

    5. Lewis says:

      Leaves no message. Cannot call back number.

    6. Robert says:

      Did you get a call or text from (270) 479-0141? Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information. How many calls or texts did you get and what did they sDo not call

    7. Calvin says:

      This number is harrassing me every day

    8. Herb says:

      trouble maker lies on people turns things around on people

    9. Mary says:

      Verizon payment center recording

    10. Florencio says:

      the caller id stated that it was the trugreen company. My husband and i have never used this company before, and since they were calling figured they were just trying to get some business. We weren't interested so answered and then hung up, because they had called a month earlier and told them that we were not interested. Whoever it was literally called back 4 times after that until I finally said that if they called again, we would call the police. I will never do business with this company and advise all my neighbors to stay away as well.

    11. Damien says:

      Don't even know where it came from? wired huh? spy plane F-117 hmmm....

    12. Leigh says:

      Called with rude comments and remarks!

    13. Virgilio says:

      I get calls from this number anywhere from 6 to 12 times a day and everyday for the last 2 weeks. Then each time I do answer it disconnects, and when I call back it either rings and disconnects or it rings a fast busy. I am going to do more research about this number.

    14. Earle says:

      Telemarketing call about travel award to Cancun Mexico

    15. Domenic says:

      Yes,like to know the name Wjhic