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    1. Walter says:

      Called at 2.23pm. Left messgae "A friend entered my name at Walmart and I have won a free trip to Mexico" Isn't that great. How stupid do these idiots think people are.

    2. Cody says:

      STOP THE CALLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Walton says:

      I picked up, they didn't even say anything.

    4. Elton says:

      I have been getting a lot of calls from that number

    5. Earnest says:

      This number calls my apartment all the time and there is no way to get it to stop?!? They are breaking the law by not allowing people to opt out as required.

    6. Brandon says:

      Harassing my family and I

    7. Rusty says:

      Michele Peterson also life me a message saying some one referred me for this job. When returning the call there was no answer or recording.

    8. Felton says:

      Robocall trying to sell over-the-phone prescriptions.

    9. Clayton says:

      I received a text from 434258@restore.com with the message "Your 16 digit number card is locked. Call 2097325672." Which confused me because I dont have any kind of card from Restore or any credit cards for that matter but I did call to try to give this person a piece of my mind but it was a "24 security automated" call which instructed I need to verify 3 security questions when low and behold the very first question it asks is for a 16 debit card number........and so I tried to bypass it by pressing 0 or # which if this was legit it would transfer me to someone not keep repeating for a 16 digit number......and Im not stupid enough to fall for that so I gave up and hung up then I tried looking for the restore.com website which doesnt exist so I conculded this is a scam in a form of a text which is new to me, I have been lucky until now not receiving any....I wish I could get my number removed from there text/call list. I hope someone can catch these people!

    10. Sang says:

      Telli8ng me if I answer phone I can be entered into that days drawing. They said 7 days to cancel my "subscription"..

    11. Pierre says:

      keeps calling and hanging up we live in brazil

    12. Kirby says:

      They said words in a froeign language

    13. Orval says:

      they call me at the same time every week from the past two weeks and dont speak a thing , creepy

    14. George says:

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    15. Kareem says:

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