440-238 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Albert says:

      Vm was a recording looking to save me hundreds of dollars

    2. Alex says:

      Have no idea who it was and left no voicemail :(

    3. Larry says:

      They started calling my home and cell over and over, back and forth between the two, yesterday. Sometimes it shoes as Unknown Name/Number, sometimes this phone number. Whenever I answer it there is no one there. Very frustrating!!

    4. Richard says:

      This person called saying she was trying to locate a Nicole who lived down the street from me.  When I told her I was unaware of such a person she stated that I may know her by the name Margaret.  I felt uneasy about this call and retrieved the number and decided to check on line and look what I found.  Thanks to all who posted a comment.

    5. Cristobal says:

      I recieved several calls from this number, finally being annoyed I called them back. The woman stated she had no idea why they were calling me, some kind of error because my account (tribute) was current. In fact it was always current. Idiots.

    6. Dean says:

      Ignorant person can't follow directions

    7. Sidney says:

      This number calls my phone 3-4 times a day. This has been going on for the past 3 weeks. I answer the phone and there is no one on the line. After a few seconds....it hangs up. I am getting real tired of it!

    8. Malik says:

      Do not want them calling my phone.

    9. Mohamed says:

      Harassed from this number

    10. Barry says:

      A person called  from the number above stating his name was "Office Robin Williams" and he had an important legal matter to discuss with me. He spoke very broken English and also said "God Bless". What a tool! I smell ScamCity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Abel says:

      If you weren't so mad, I'd have believed it when you say you don't care.  

    12. Gene says:

      Calls often... leaves no message on answering machine.

    13. Granville says:

      I didn't answer because Mr. Number is pretty accurate.

    14. Freddy says:

      This man calls escorts and set up appointments for outcall then lies to the provider about where he is located. He has been blacklisted on serveral boards. He goes by the name of Steve.

    15. Reid says:

      Asking for some monistat for her yeast infection