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    1. Abel says:

      one text, said this: "Hi, You have been Selected toTest & Keep the New iPhone5! Confirm Your Spot Right Now at http://confirmhere.info"

    2. Wallace says:

      Sweettart626 please discontinue texting to a company phone.

    3. Thad says:

      Received call. No message. Researched and came up as potential spam.

    4. Kyle says:

      Maurice called don't know the number

    5. Seymour says:

      Responding to an advert on Edinburgh Gumtree, provided an email address which I emailed back, only to get an email from someone saying they are in Malaysia. They will organise transportation and happy to pay through Paypal. Not responding to this as it is clearly a scam.

    6. Garth says:

      i was this told to go to this website to get rich.

    7. Johnny says:

      Circulation incorporated.

    8. Roscoe says:

      Keep calling looking for someone else not me

    9. Alberto says:

      Strange call from a woman with a foreign accent claiming to be a representative of the Bosley Hair Clinic asking if I am interested in a followup appointment to discuss additional options. She hung up when I asked too many questions about the purpose of the call. I have no idea what this was about.

    10. Buster says:

      Idk who it is but they keeping my number plz block them

    11. Malik says:

      Apparently they're hitting Maryland, but my Caller ID showed up as Birmingham,AL.  They didn't even let it ring long enough for the voice mail to pick up.

    12. Reid says:

      World Financial Bank ( Victoria's Secret ) bill collector! I'm missed one payment 11 days ago & they're already calling to collect! VS don't play! They want there money!

    13. Derek says:

      Yup just spent a few days with her, Jenny, Karen....lol wanted to buy my truck sight unseen. forwarded the email to spoof@paypal.com and they also confirmed it was a phishing scam.  209-782-0093  it is nice to know she and her daughter?? are looking out for her son/brother/cousin/uncle/twin stepchild

    14. Shon says:

      Just like everyone else these Law Breakers call here Unsolicited all the time. Today was Different, I tooka Stand for My Privacy Rights. Since these A-Holes don't Respect My Privacy then I Declare War onThem All. It's Time For Us All To Take A Brave Stand. From now on when they call, They will be theVictim. They are out for the Cussing of their Life Just like I did this last guy. Since they are Breaking theLaw by calling us on the Do Not Call List then they are Mine for what ever comes out of my mouth andI'll assure you it isn't Nice. Take a Stand with me and lets Attack these Law Breakers for Violating ourPrivacy. I even bought a Whistle to Blow in their Ears. Works Great for those who don't want to Cuss.Take A Stand For Your Rights and Give Um Hell!Spammers Name and Number: PHONE SERVICE - 253-382-9098

    15. Leigh says:

      I got a text saying they hid the bodies and they must have been playing a sick joke and there name is "pablo montela de la hoya ramirez santiago rodriguez"