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    1. Fernando says:

      Received call from Victoria asking me to call back about preapproved loan $2000 was asked to call back at number above.   On iphone shows viktoria called from scam number (209)782-0039.  Be aware!!!!

    2. Cory says:

      someone called asking for the wrong person, acting shady, lot of background noise, wouldn't answer question...

    3. Hal says:

      Beware of local calling card company some of them are spammers!

    4. Edwin says:

      Received a call from this # about 2:18pm. This is a Saturday. Credit card services about lowering my interest rates. When is somebody going to put these b*****ds in jail?

    5. Florentino says:

      Very rude man by the name of Rick

    6. Domingo says:

      WOW!!! I got a call today and set up an interview for next week. I was so excited until my brother said he did some research and said he could not find anything on this "Firm". He called and offered me a managers position of a branch for his company that is expanding. What a scam. Call it what you want but this MLM is not worth my gas money to get there. Uni-dial is the same thing. HAHA!!!

    7. Beau says:

      Color my hair bkond like it was when I was a kid?

    8. Maxwell says:

      Asks about surgeries and birth control. ..I think couldn't understand a word they were saying.

    9. Cliff says:

      From those who have played along a little with the scammers it seems as if they are operating out of Jamaica or the Dominican Republic with a spoofed Washington, DC number.  They either want you to get a Wal-Mart or CVS Green Dot Prepaid debit card or wire money via Western Union to a contact in one of those countries for the "processing fee".  They also try for your banking information to "deposit" the grant.  Like others have said, they need to up their game a bit, this scam is so transparent.

    10. Reuben says:

      voicemail left states this is the number to call back for info pertaining to a debt--debt collector/collection agency

    11. Elbert says:

      Yes, Crooks they are - I can't believe we feel for this.  

    12. Oscar says:

      alma zorra piruja prostita putta

    13. Landon says:

      Two you won an Ipad spam texts

    14. Lester says:

      Assholes dont answer its a trap!

    15. Bryon says:

      Troy scott doesnt say nothing but keeps calling under a private number. Watch out has seripus stalker like issues