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    1. Ernie says:

      This happen to me today - they called us And said im sorry i hade a car accident i cant make it - can you send me money - we said the cops are looking for you And they said hahaha they Will never find me And they hanged up

    2. Donn says:

      The call came from 312-625-1444 at noon on 12/30/2011.  The man left a 30 second voice-mail identifying himself as Richard Hugh from the Price Distribution Center.  He claimed I had entered a contest "some time ago" for a new SUV.  He stated the contest was officially over and he was looking over my entry and "had very good news for you."  Then, he instructs me to call the office at a toll-free number 1-866-430-3177 A.S.A.P.  He ends with "Congratulations."  Listen carefully; notice how they never identify the time frame/specifics of the contest, never states that I'm a winner, never states what I allegedly won, or what calling the number will get me.  This is undoubtedly a scam.  Do not follow his instructions:  report to

    3. Prince says:

      igetcall but will pick the  phone up i like to know who it is

    4. Otis says:

      Spam just dam dum people who want answer you when you say hello

    5. Adolfo says:

      Person talking in Spanish about sports and radio news of Mexico. Spam

    6. Sheldon says:

      this person keeps calling my house all types of hours i say hello and they keep hanging up on me

    7. Dallas says:

      Never tells you wat company it is keeps calling very unsettling

    8. Louis says:

      Got to say one thing for them..........they keep trying. I have call block on my cell, they get zapped in one ring.

    9. Miles says:

      I do not want to receive any more solisitation calls from this number.

    10. Myron says:

      This # has called me twice in a week, with no message. Didn't call back because everyone says its Bosely so why bother...but it def is annoying

    11. Tim says:

      They WILL NOT QUIT calling, you try to talk to a manager and they hang up on you. Getting sick of them.

    12. Esteban says:

      Numerous calls, no messages. Decided to answer and no one would speak back. This is why i searched the number and found this site. Anyone know and have an idea of why they called you?

    13. Randell says:

      Bug a boo caller with Augusta ga number

    14. Christian says:

      Got disconnected.No one There.

    15. Adalberto says:

      They didn't say who they were they just asked for someone who I don't know