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    1. Kareem says:

      Calls back to back asking for people who doesn't even use the phone but won't stop calling...

    2. Manual says:

      A harassment! all the time

    3. Avery says:

      I obtained my current phone number in 2004. Immediately and for several years thereafter, I received calls for an Angela Baxton to pay up on past due accounts. Then the phone calls for this person died off. For some reason, got a call today from 303-731-2223 asking for "Angela Baxton." Even though I clicked on the correct numbers to indicate that I am not "Angela Baxton," I ended up being connected to a live person that asked, "Angela Baxton?" I said, "I'm not Angela Baxton." The person said she'd remove my phone number from their list. We'll see! Now that they've reached a real live person, they know they have someone to harass. In desperate times, these guys know people will pay just to get rid of a menace. It's about money and intimidation. Honesty and going after legitimate debts matters not at all.

    4. Aaron says:

      I got a text from this number saying I "shouldn't put personal information online, especially my number, lol just saying" No Idea who this this. It shows as a landline and I dont' know how it was text from a landline. Obviously spam...

    5. Elbert says:

      Political opinions of America survey...I never signed up for Amy survey..SPAM!

    6. Freeman says:

      It was a message from my doctor to schedule my yearly appointment.

    7. Genaro says:

      wow some loan company called me on Thanksgiving! had a middle eastern accent

    8. Lyman says:

      harassment, embarrassment, rudness.

    9. Sebastian says:

      I keep getting phone calls from a fake law firm trying to get money from me cause i owe a loan place which i have never taken a loan out from ne loan place they need to learn to speak clear english b4 they go around trying to collect money from people that they dont even owe

    10. Dexter says:

      Actually, I don't quite agree with this statement, because even if someone had a debt from 1999 for thousands of dollars, people shouldn't be stalked and harassed by collection agencies like Asset Acceptance for the rest of their lives - no one deserves that.

    11. Darell says:

      My husband received a call from DCS In--the last 4 digits the ph # 3546---she said her name is Sandralina looking for our son and daughter who live in a different state-this company needs to be investigated and fined for harrassing innocent people.

    12. Grant says:

      What do you wantWhat do you want

    13. Maynard says:

      The voicemail sounded like a pocket dial.

    14. Stanley says:

      Not sure who they were but they immediately started speaking spanish

    15. Israel says:

      Just wondering who this is, didn't leave a msg and I don't answer numbers I don't recognize.