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    1. Pasquale says:

      Received multiple calls. Didn't pick up the phone.

    2. Gonzalo says:

      Thanks for the info--I was wondering if there was a bill I didn't pay, but they never leave a message so I have no idea who 516-224-6026 is.  DirecTv for life!

    3. Claude says:

      Solicitation 3 MORE TIMES TODAY after being told "NO THANK YOU"

    4. Raymon says:

      Church of scientology wanting to SELL their books, CDs, and DVDs.

    5. Reynaldo says:

      hanging up and playing on my phone

    6. Noe says:

      This number calls all the time and I am getting tired of it.... is there a way to block it?

    7. Rod says:

      Calling house and cell at 9:30 est from Santa Monica (which would be 6:30am PST??) No messages, now blocked to voicemail.

    8. Russ says:

      I didntknow hear whoit called because the guydoor was speaking so fast, but he asked "Am I registered to vote at my current address?"

    9. Sammie says:

      It is Global Properties, we have land in another state they tried to buy.

    10. Lon says:

      I received a harassing and threaetning text from this number today. The only information I could find out is that it is a T-Mobile phone line that was activated in 2008.

    11. Brice says:

      I got the same message as the others... do you know this person or what he wants. report fraud if it is the case!

    12. Stewart says:

      Just kept calling and calling and calling, no breaks in between. I picked up finally but didn't say hello and there was nothing on the other end but silence and then a dial tone. Then immediately called back. Finally I said hello and heard a beep and hung up. No more calls. Annoying and creepy.

    13. Darrell says:

      Its probably the a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s at the do not call registry .. The who thing is a big scam .. they do not do a dam thing !!!     If anything the calls get worse ...they sell your number out to the jerk low life ,cant get anywhere in life scammer people

    14. Garland says:

      Is there any way to get AT&T 210-331-5244 to stop calling me

    15. Leonel says:

      There machine called our business phone # and got our answering service.  Please Hold on twice with music.  Representative finally came to the phone frustrated because no one was on the other line.  She used My Lord's Name in vain, and she commented this is unbelievable!  I do not want these people ever to call us again.