417-857 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 417-857-8380
  • 417-857-8381
  • 417-857-8382
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  • 417-857-8386
  • 417-857-8387
  • 417-857-8388
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  • 417-857-8390
  • 417-857-8391
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  • 417-857-8394
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    1. Johnathon says:

      It was in spanish, I didn't understand.

    2. Phil says:

      Person is attempting to extract info through bogus voter registration hoax.

    3. Vaughn says:

      Got a text from 530@achieve.com saying 530088xxx card is locked.  Call 209-732-5672.  Didn't call or do anything.

    4. Ernie says:

      I got a call from this number last night. When I answered all I could hear in the backgroud were some girls talking about eating too much candy. No one responded when I said hello several times and then hung up. I call number back next day and nobody answered and no aswering machine.

    5. Wilfred says:

      you were trying to sell dental insurance for cheap price . I did not believe a word of course .

    6. Micheal says:

      Scam below was texted to me earlier: Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://www.target.com.rdfg.biz/?claimid=111 and enter your Winning Code: "6655" to claim your FREE $500 Target Giftcard!

    7. Trenton says:

      Sent me to an address that was not his. Very rude

    8. Kasey says:

      I have no idea who this is or why they called my business cell phone number!

    9. Hipolito says:

      a guy named Scott said he was from home center wanted to talk to my husband and I said no - he said wow you sure are rude and hung up!!!! I am so sick of these telemarketing calls!

    10. Glenn says:

      Got a phone call from this number on a Wednesday at 9:06 a.m. No message left.

    11. Paul says:

      called asking for someone i never heard of.   Said he was from Source Capital and was trying to get a loan approved, asked if I was interested instead.  What a moron.

    12. Alex says:

      They keep calling but won't leave a message.

    13. Darryl says:

      We're also from Ontario.  No one speaks.  They suck.

    14. Nickolas says:

      Called them back and yelled at the lady for calling me 13 times in less than a minute. She persisted to tell me she was sending me free product. I told her if she didn't take me off the list I wanted to talk to a supervisor, NOW. She said she took me off the list. I am pretty sure they will just call me from another #.

    15. Reid says:

      I met him on line seemed cool them I saw he had mr.# comments looked on his YouTube page.Very disrespectful to .He's Strange and not to be trusted. He also seemed feminine at times could be down low. Never talked again.