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    1. Nick says:

      This guy called and asked if i was interested in making extra money because i had sighned up online line and i told him i didnt and he said"well your probably right".What is up with that and how did he get my #???

    2. Bennett says:

      Getting text message from this number saying: Urgent. Call Bank of America.

    3. King says:

      This is just a mobile company trying to get you to take a policy with them. They are not T mobile folks ! You might also get a text saying "Upgrde Centre" trying to say they are T mob. Ignore it.

    4. Dan says:

      They wanted to lower credit card debt but I have none

    5. Lavern says:

      Calls multiple times a day.  If I answer, it is just dead air, and then a disconnect.  If I call back, I get a message system for Palo Alto Labs Customer Care.  I have never dealt with the company.  From their website, they are "a leading manufacturer of premium nutritional supplements"

    6. Rodney says:

      My husband and I both received text messages this evening basically saying the same as all the rest of the posts.  I have verizon also.  We need to post on WLOS!!!

    7. Omar says:

      Getting MSN spam from them, not malware though since I'm running linux. Just gotta deal with these spammers I guess, at least they don't leave a link you might click on mistake.

    8. Lemuel says:

      It was a Hispanic female with a lousy voice who left a message; probably a scammer or low life gold digger.

    9. David says:

      This retard sent a text that was fwd 8 times. Something about how you would forward it if you were a true friend etc..... If they were a real friend they would have put their name on instead of just sending a very long spam.

    10. Darrel says:

      The called and hung up 8 times between 3:30 am and 4:00 am

    11. Sebastian says:

      I received Multiple inappropriate phone calls while at work from this number. It appears to be a teenager making obscene calls from school.

    12. Margarito says:

      I got this call but all the person said...was hello and I hung up on them.

    13. Taylor says:

      I missed a call from this # and, when I called back, I got a recording that said I'd reached a debt collection agency called "Vision Financial." I now have this # (along with many others) saved in my contacts under "No."

    14. Carroll says:

      Just got a call from this number. Recording of tax debt relief. At the end of the recording 'press 7' to be removed. Pressed 7, we'll see.

    15. Quincy says:

      I believe this is U of I calling for donation.