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    1. Donn says:

      Some bogus collections that threatens. They are not real.

    2. Rob says:

      It was a recording: please hold for an important message. All our associates are unavailable.

    3. Lino says:

      The lady told me that i had been chosen by the u.s govt to receive a grant in the amount of over $9,000. She then told me to call her manager at 209 690-7494 with a confirmation number that she gave me. She was insistent that i call as soon as she hung up. She had an Indian accent and was extremely hard to understand.

    4. Thanh says:

      These creeps got my husband's cell number and called him, in a meeting at work 8:00 AM. All of our phones have been listed multiple times and WE ARE STILL ON THE DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!!!

    5. Franklin says:

      these people are saying they are cash america but yet they want your bank information to realese $3000 but refuse to send you a contact with terms. if you ask for any documebrs they hang up on you. they have been calling me for 3 hours straight....

    6. Clarence says:

      They called 8 times in one day and today at 8:45am. I am tired of these calls!

    7. Quintin says:

      Left recorded message for me to call to find out how to make money. Telemarketer

    8. Harry says:

      i got this same type of call from the same 'home inprovement' said his name was shawn... asked for mrs newson....... newson is an old friend'brother type'  he once worked for a shawn shampooing carpets... when he said his name ...i said... oh wow shawn been thinking of you... needing carpet cleaned.... this isnt mrs newson.... he has no mrs.... and he hung up in my face... when i tried to call the number on my id caller... 209-233-8862.... the phone would ring and automatically hang up.......

    9. Alfred says:

      I receive calls from 209-740-9836 several times a week.  I have waited on the phone through the silence long enough for a person with an accent so heavy he can barely be understood and major background noise.  He claims to be with "Medical Services".  He states that he has received a report from my doctor that I or someone in my household has taken one or more of several drugs that may have side effects.  I always cut him off by demanding that I be taken off their calling list.  A day or two will go by and the calls begin again.  So much for the do not call list.  It has turned into the biggest calling list out there.

    10. Milton says:

      i did get a call from this number to my work.unreal.this guy called and said hi and hung up.when i try to call back the number is constantly busy tone.

    11. Sidney says:

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    12. Seth says:

      automated voice for some security

    13. Gaylord says:

      callin callin dont know who it is

    14. Josue says:

      This company calls my house multiple times every day, and has been for about 2 weeks now.  I usually ignore the calls, but on the few occasions that I've picked up hoping to tell them to stop calling, there is no on the line and they disconnect soon after I speak.  VERY ammoying!!

    15. Lyman says:

      Stupid idiots... I don't have time for these nonsense phone calls. No one is on the other end.. garbage!