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    1. Bryce says:

      I done need or want to PROVE that its discover card I was simply saying that  I called discover collections dept and they gave me hope to bring my account current ..was just telling my story and was confused by your absession with this phone number??!

    2. Austin says:

      314-627-2824... claims you visited a site and was selected for a prize. SELECT PROMPT #2 BE REMOVED FROM THE CALL LISTING... per the Kansas City Better Business Bureau January 2012 It's kind of a slow week for scams in the KC Area, which is good. Be aware that there is is still phishing scam out there that is using the BBB's name to trick businesses into clicking a link via email. Call us to verify complaints.

    3. Raleigh says:

      they say a owe a bill that is not mine

    4. Pasquale says:

      called but just stayed on line without saying anything

    5. Jon says:

      These people will lie, hang up when you ask them for information and they will get by with it until enough people take the time to make formal complaints.  They know that most people who owe money are afraid to complain and this is how they get by with this.  Everyone of you should make a formal complaint listing as many details of the time of the call, caller's name and of what they said to you and the threats they made.  They will stop calling when the hammer comes down.  I believe the name of this company is; National Bureau Collection Corp.  They have offices in multiple cities and states.

    6. Donnie says:

      They where with a newspaper(could not tell me What news PAPER) to tell me about a special offer.

    7. Lenny says:

      Keeps Calling My Phone And If I Answer They Don't Say Anything Then Hang Up

    8. Sanford says:

      got a text saying " 530088@account.com: Your AchieveAccount is locked. call 2097325672. called the nuber, it asked for my debit number. tried to find the adress or business name. cant locate either.'

    9. Felix says:

      They ask me for my name and where I lived

    10. Gail says:

      Got Text msg. for www.reward-gift site.com for $1000.00 from 949-212-9506. The call came from some idiot in Ca. I'm on the no call reg. www.thewmartdealcom.com

    11. Hosea says:

      Call October 30 at 8:48 am CT

    12. Ricky says:

      Got a phone call no one answered then they hung up and when I called back it said the number was disconnected

    13. Bradley says:

      You have been notified of rewarDs

    14. German says:

      Trying to find who owns this number.

    15. Ashley says:

      Hate Telemarketings... :-(