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    1. Marcelino says:

      Answered and no one was there, they just hung up.

    2. Rafael says:

      They say your approved for a loan & you have to give your banking info...dnt do it they're gonna rape your account!!!

    3. Russell says:

      2 calls, one right after the other, nothing on voicemail but a series of beeps.

    4. Karl says:

      yes! I received the same message also, att.com 470. in credit and they wanted me to log on to my site.I called att and they stated this is a scam. i beleive it is, and att will be checking this out. my friends mom is a deputy sherriff and believes this could be a scam from a person in jail or prison trying to make outside calls by other cells users through our network. beware.of any collect call charges.

    5. Antione says:

      I received a text from 434258@restore.com with the message "Your 16 digit number card is locked. Call 2097325672." Which confused me because I dont have any kind of card from Restore or any credit cards for that matter but I did call to try to give this person a piece of my mind but it was a "24 security automated" call which instructed I need to verify 3 security questions when low and behold the very first question it asks is for a 16 debit card number........and so I tried to bypass it by pressing 0 or # which if this was legit it would transfer me to someone not keep repeating for a 16 digit number......and Im not stupid enough to fall for that so I gave up and hung up then I tried looking for the restore.com website which doesnt exist so I conculded this is a scam in a form of a text which is new to me, I have been lucky until now not receiving any....I wish I could get my number removed from there text/call list. I hope someone can catch these people!

    6. Norbert says:

      Its a harassing call early in the morning and late evening.

    7. Ted says:

      TAKE UP ALL THEIR TIME!!!!! Drag it out as long as you can. F'em good

    8. Burt says:

      We got called two days after having a new dryer from home depot installed.   Seems a safe bet that's who it is based on the posts here.

    9. Roland says:

      very emoional disturbed a compulsive liar and very very violent

    10. Bruno says:

      i got a missed call from an old friend, who is a cop informant, i didnt answer then 1 minute later recieved a text from 100 100 5079, with a text message saying 911, then i call the guy back and he wants to buy drugs ... wtf?? sounds like a cop scam

    11. Samual says:

      Don't ever stop calling, how did they even get my number!?

    12. Rex says:

      I got multiple calls from this number 6/14@1:24pm/6/13@9:55am

    13. Lawerence says:

      It was spoken in Spanish, from a 314 area code

    14. Bobbie says:

      I received a call from an unknown number and so I did not answer it.   This has happened on several occasions.  Anyone know how I can block this number.

    15. Alejandro says:

      Also called my cell, didnt answer