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    1. Salvatore says:

      This number called and the recording talked about a baseball game tonight and if I wanted a winner to press 1... Of course I did not. It's not even a valid area code.

    2. Lowell says:

      I am from Maryland, also. This is definately not a local number. They also refuse to leave a message even when the answering machine picks up. Obviously not a legitimate business, or they would be willing to leave their name. I will not answer their calls. Don't know who they are and I really don't care. They will get no money from me.

    3. Albert says:

      This is an UN-WANTED call. I did not answer it. It rang 3 times then stopped. This is the first  for  this number.

    4. Kip says:

      got a text at 4:30am from this number with the same brittany message, Just tried to call the number and it isnt in service.

    5. Lon says:

      This number is calling me at work and home many times throughout the day. I am going to lose my job if this continues.

    6. Miguel says:

      someone trying to defraud me of money acting as attourny

    7. Josue says:

      This person called my home in Spanish telling the nanny that he was a cousin of mine and asked my cell phone.... and as he gave my name and the name of my mother, the babysitter she acceded to give my phone (I think he is the ingenuity to get the name of my mom) .... He called me but as I was working did not answer, and when I returned the call says the call cannot be completed.... I dont have any relative who is talking to them here in USA ... in fact do not even know them in person. This call stinks! This is a scam!

    8. Faustino says:

      they keep calling and won't say anything!

    9. Norberto says:

      Just received a call from this number but didn't answer.

    10. Perry says:

      receive a call at 3:50 today. they(recording from a woman voice) said I can save money on my energy bill. I hung up. the next time this number calls it is on my contact list as block caller(meaning do not answer the phone). It would be better to ultimately block the call altogether.

    11. Ben says:

      they called, didn't leave a #, called it back, it's some kind of call center

    12. Sang says:

      204-289-2313  Calls daily, hang up when we answer.  Starting to spook my spouse.  We're going to do *57 from now on, and then file a complaint with the police.

    13. Karl says:

      I get two or three calls from 267-443-6474 every single day. What's worse is the calls started the day AFTER I re-registered my cell phone number with teh DO NOt Call Registry! I stopped answereing after the first two times. All I got when I answered was a three second recorded message that cuts off once you answer.

    14. Isiah says:

      They call me several times a day, when I answer all I get is a recording.

    15. Sid says:

      Allen's Excavating & Trucking