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    1. Gary says:

      I get a call from this number once a day, they leave no message and I don't know anyone from that prefix in Ca. I figure if all they want to do is hang up on my answering machine, have at it. Because I won't return a call from anyone that doesn't have the decency or courtesy to leave a message. They don't deserve a call back.

    2. Willie says:

      I don't want to recive those harasments phone call in english or spanish,five times a day I don't want your products all those people are hispanics and they don't respect to the clients. 210-201-1170 the phone calls comes from Huston Tx.and they announce themself in TELEMUNDO

    3. Steven says:

      I keep getting spam texts from this a-hole with a link to free gift cards to best buy, Wal-Mart, etc. No clue how they got my number.

    4. Tod says:

      i got  a call from this above no and when i attended it no one responded to it

    5. Ben says:


    6. Harland says:

      They called on several occasions & I didn't answer. A message was left about a gas card & lowering interest rates. Some of these

    7. Jules says:

      LEO CALL CENTER http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/leo

    8. Jason says:

      don't want it to call are text me anymore

    9. Ezekiel says:

      This guy with a heavy Indian Accent calls my cell phone. the number came up 0000 i didnt pick up, he left a message telling me he wishes me luck if i dont retain a lawyer and call him back. I asked him his name and he said "James White". I had to laugh because there was no way he got that name legally. When i called back the number he gave me 209-624-8724 it went straight to a voicemail and the mailbox was full. The crazy thing is he had my cell number, my job number and my Social Security number. Thats a little scary. good thing I have bad credit, he cant hurt me.

    10. Darren says:

      No one is on the other end when I answer or return their call. They never leave a vm either.

    11. Antonia says:

      A very weired computerized recording.  Hardly understood anything they said on my answering machine.

    12. Landon says:

      4 calls in the last 2 days

    13. Moses says:

      yet dwom ujutr ret bdey deu

    14. Dion says:

      Got it today... Oct 24. I did not answer and there's no voice message.

    15. Jess says:

      Automated credit card interest rate reduction call.